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Mt. Lemmon Fall Colors   2 comments

Hiking Mid-October on Mt. Lemmon — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Fall colors abound

Creating a tapestry

On the mountain trails.

— kenne

Echo Azure Butterflies   3 comments

Echo Azure ButterfliesEcho Azure Butterflies — Image by kenne

I usually spot these butterflies on mountain trails mud-puddling in a damp part of the trails.

— kenne


Cairns On Trail To Cardiac Gap   2 comments

Cardiact Gap (1 of 1)-2 blogCairn (on the right) On Trail To Cardiac Gap — Image by kenne

Some mountain trails are obscured

as the trail is less traveled.

Some hikers are good at

tracking the trail less traveled,

while others lose direction

unless there are cairns

hiking up the mountain with you.

— kenne

Manzanita — To Make Young Again   4 comments

Manzanita (1 of 1) art blog framedManzanita – Little Apple — Image by kenne

The manzanita
Adds color to mountain trails,
Small apples to some.

Symbol of accord
Between the old and the young,
Always turning heads.

A mystical plant
Brining forth the hues of thought,
Our earth is reborn.

The smoothness of red
Against the wrinkles of gray,
To make young again.

— kenne

This Place Protected By A Silent Alarm   1 comment

Buttrtfly Trail

Buttrtfly TrailThis Place Protected By A Silent Alarm

This is a good place to settle,
The desert close to the mountains
In the foothills –
Combining blue light
During the day,
Dark light at night.
Under it a white-beard man
Searching the stars
Having forgotten the way
From which I came.
. . . the innocent remain nameless.

Climbing up a mountain trail
Watching the clouds rise above
As nature goes about its changes.
Rocky and steep, the trail’s overture
Both welcomes and challenges
The spirit of the hiker.
After awhile I read and write poetry —
Opening many more doors,
Hungry to learn more
And capture the first glimpse
Of a simple universal image
To which I bring seeing.
. . . the innocent delight in the ordinary.

— kenne

7 Falls April 2013Images by kenne

Two On The Trail   Leave a comment

Two On The Trail — Image by kenne

Two on the trail

One to protect

Two sharing life

One to nurture

Two sharing love 

One to escort

Two standing guard

One to pursue

Two to gather

One for the two

Two for the one


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