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This Place Protected By A Silent Alarm   1 comment

Buttrtfly Trail

Buttrtfly TrailThis Place Protected By A Silent Alarm

This is a good place to settle,
The desert close to the mountains
In the foothills –
Combining blue light
During the day,
Dark light at night.
Under it a white-beard man
Searching the stars
Having forgotten the way
From which I came.
. . . the innocent remain nameless.

Climbing up a mountain trail
Watching the clouds rise above
As nature goes about its changes.
Rocky and steep, the trail’s overture
Both welcomes and challenges
The spirit of the hiker.
After awhile I read and write poetry —
Opening many more doors,
Hungry to learn more
And capture the first glimpse
Of a simple universal image
To which I bring seeing.
. . . the innocent delight in the ordinary.

— kenne

7 Falls April 2013Images by kenne

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