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Hiking Into Dark Clouds   Leave a comment

clouds-ahead-0660-blog-iiSCVN Friday Hike on Esperero Trail (February 17, 2017) — Image by kenne

A mostly cloudy morning with
sunlight breaking through
over the Tucson basin as we
begin our hike into the mountains
heading into rattlesnake canyon,
first hiking up, then down through
three canyons creating a 
breathtaking rollercoaster hike.

Starting as on group, the pace
soon divides us into three groups
as hikers settle in on their own pace
created by elevation changes
and stopping to shed layers of clothing
as the temperatures increase
and the sun begins to break through
deep blue cracks in the desert sky.

— kenne


Last Day Of Class   Leave a comment

SCVN Wrap-Up (1 of 1)-9 blogNew SCVN Naturalists and Their Mentors Wrap-up Training(January 11, 2016)  — Image by kenne

The temperature was near thirty-two degrees at the Cactus Picnic Area in Sabino Canyon where the final day of training was scheduled. After spending time demonstrating some of their new skills, the new naturalists were treated to a surprise party at Rattlesnake Canyon Picnic Area near Sabino creek.

Graduation will take place this coming Saturday (January 16, 2016).



Rattlesnake Canyon Panorama   1 comment

Rattlesnake_Panorama2 blog IIRattlesnake Canyon Panorama by kenne

Sabino Canyon is not just one canyon, but contains many canyons, one of which is Rattlesnake Canyon.


Bear Hugging Tree   2 comments

Bear Hugging Tree (1 of 1)_edit blogBear Hugging Tree: Rattlesnake Picnic Area, Sabino Canyon — Images by kenne

A shade tree in the canyon
Paths lead to new beginnings —
Time to hug the tree.

Some stop to rest
most pass on by
Not getting a hug.

Some are easily distracted —
Control the distractions
To get their attention.

What you see
Is not what others see —
Point it out, don’t assume.

Mind flashes pictures
Changing focal points
Providing new perspectives.

— kenne

Bear Hugging Tree (1 of 1)-3 blog

Catclaw Acacia Blossoms In Rattlesnake Canyon   Leave a comment

Catclaw Acacia Blossoms In Rattlesnake Canyon — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the tiled images to see larger view.)


Nature’s beautiful creature,
trapping sunlight
in your black-veined wings,
effortlessly floating
on air, starting the same
as any towering homo sapiens.
Oddly, our difference
are not that great
From an egg so tiny
you’re scarcely visible,
you grow quite quickly
into something not so
attractive, with one goal
in mind — to satisfy
your insatiable hunger.
An ungainly consumer
of the Earth’s goods, you
are voracious in your
endeavor to have it all —
you leave stripped carnage
in your wake, trying to quell
your need for more
and will have to discard
your colorful garments
many times over, growing
fat and complacent
with the daily consummations
of life, before you see death.
we humans will complete
that last leg of our journey
to undiscovered grandeur
just as you, the caterpillar,
will climb a wall, hook
your silk into immobility
and wrap yourself in Death’s shawl,
not knowing what beauty
awaits you in that rebirth
to fantastic flight.

— Mona Follis

Two-tailed Swallowtail Art   2 comments

Two-tailed Swallowtail (1 of 1)-3 blogTwo-tailed Swallowtail — Image by kenne

Two-tailed swallowtail

Still trying to get its wings

Lands on dirt runway.

— kenne

Sabino Canyon — Panorama View From Above Rattlesnake Creek   Leave a comment

Sabino Canyon View From Above Rattlesnake Creek_Panorama2 framed blog

Sabino Canyon – View from Above Rattlesnake Creek — Image by kenne

Sabino Canyon Panoramic Images   1 comment

Sabino Canyon Panoramic Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Panoramic Photos of Esperero Trail And Rattlesnake Creek   1 comment

Esperero Trail In Sabino Canyon — Two Images Merged In Photoshop by kenne

Rattlesnake Creek In Sabino Canyon — Three Images Merged In Photoshop by kenne

Taking A Wide-Angle Look After A Morning Rain In Sabino Canyon   9 comments

Trail Toward Esperero Canyon Trail

Esperero Canyon Trail

Esperero Canyon Trail

Esperero Canyon Trail

Esperero Canyon Trail

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail

Looking Up Sabino Canyon from Rattlesnake Canyon Trail Head

Sabino Canyon Riparian Area

Sabino Canyon Riparian Area

Sabino Canyon Riparian Area — Images by kenne

A chilly morning rain failed as the SCVN Trainees huddled under a ramada in the Desert Picnic area in Sabino Canyon. Our regular Monday morning class took place at the site of the kindergarten nature program. The canyon presented a canopy of dramatic cloud formations as the rain moved on through.
The above panoramic photos were created by merging 2-3 wide-angle images (taken using a Nikkor 12-24 lens) in Photoshop.

— kenne

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