Catclaw Acacia Blossoms In Rattlesnake Canyon   Leave a comment

Catclaw Acacia Blossoms In Rattlesnake Canyon — Images by kenne
(Click on any of the tiled images to see larger view.)


Nature’s beautiful creature,
trapping sunlight
in your black-veined wings,
effortlessly floating
on air, starting the same
as any towering homo sapiens.
Oddly, our difference
are not that great
From an egg so tiny
you’re scarcely visible,
you grow quite quickly
into something not so
attractive, with one goal
in mind — to satisfy
your insatiable hunger.
An ungainly consumer
of the Earth’s goods, you
are voracious in your
endeavor to have it all —
you leave stripped carnage
in your wake, trying to quell
your need for more
and will have to discard
your colorful garments
many times over, growing
fat and complacent
with the daily consummations
of life, before you see death.
we humans will complete
that last leg of our journey
to undiscovered grandeur
just as you, the caterpillar,
will climb a wall, hook
your silk into immobility
and wrap yourself in Death’s shawl,
not knowing what beauty
awaits you in that rebirth
to fantastic flight.

— Mona Follis

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