Who Uses Social Media? Informative Infographic   1 comment

As an active social media user, I find this infographic very informative. Even though we may think that the use of social media is a youth thing, almost 50% of the users are over 45 years of age — interesting!


One response to “Who Uses Social Media? Informative Infographic

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  1. Thanks, Keene, this was a very interesting look at things etherial. The only ones I have been very active on are Facebook and Linkedin, but am planning on checking out Pinterest, it looks intriguing, and may be a good place to show my art. Anything is worth a try. In the article above I noticed one of the groups that uses Pinterest is interior designers, and I am interested in catching the eyes of some. So, in that way the article was very valuable information for me. Again, thank you for sharing!


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