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RIP Steve Jobs   Leave a comment

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I sadly post this on my current iMac and I’m proud to say I still have an iMac Classic. Steve Jobs helped us realize the importance of design, quality and ease of use. 


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Cartoon du jour — France To Become An Apple App   Leave a comment

Aislin Cartoon — Source: Montreal Gazette



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. . .blinded by the curtain   Leave a comment

Mac Classic blogAre we Apple lovers blinded by the curtain? We know Steve Jobs is the Wizard behnd the curtain and that “. . .nobody gets to see the Wizard, not nobody no how!”

Whatever you opinion, you will probably find Douglas Rushkoff‘s blog entry, “Apple’s Army of Whiners” an interesting read.  Say what you want to say, most who have owned Apple products would agree, they are good!


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HP Finds Apple — It’s All About Design   2 comments

Even those who don’t care for Apple products admit that their design doesn’t make it any easier not to love. HP has got the message as you can see in this ad. It’s all about design.


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