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Ski Valley Fall Colors   3 comments

Aspen Draw Fall Colors-8370 blog

Aspen Draw Fall Colors-8406 blog

Aspen Draw Fall Colors-8364 blog

Aspen Draw Fall Colors-8366 blog

Ski Valley Area On Mt. Lemmon, the southern-most skiing in North America (45 min from where we live in Tucson — Images by kenne

Skiing Poem

Wind rushing past my face,

Hair tossing behind my head.

The feeling, the chill, the utter thrill

The feeling I get when I’m flying down the hill,

Gliding across the soft blanket of white,

Weightless as if I were a feather.

Turn by turn, slope by slope, I take on the hill,

 The monster of a mountain.

Moguls, jumps I challenge them all,

Wind rushing past my face,

Chilling me to my bones.

 I feel the thrill swell, swell

Swell within me until I can’t hold it back.

Swoosh, swish, the snow billows up beside me

Into great clouds of white.

I can’t see a thing.

O the feeling, the thrill the utter chill,

The feeling I get when I’m skiing.

– Anne Cox – Age 11 When Written

New Year’s Eve Snow On The Mountain — Panoramic Views   5 comments

Snow In The Mountains 12-31-12

Snow In The Mountains 12-31-12

Panoramic Views of The Santa Catalina Mountains, December 31, 2012 — Images bu kenne

Over night we received .6 inches of rain and Mount Lemmon another 10 inches of snow. The clouds block the mountain peaks above 5,000 feet, but the cooler temperatures brought snow down to the 3,500 foot level — my favorite way to see snow from the desert below. Last night’s rain brought the total rain fall for the year to 11.6 inches, a little below normal.

Tomorrow the Catalina Highway is expected to be open, as will as Ski Valley, which are normally closed on Tuesdays — wish my legs could take to the slopes.


Ski Valley, Mt. Lemmon, July, 2011   Leave a comment

Ski Valley, Mt. Lemmon, July, 2011 — Images by kenne



Tough Winter For Skiing On Mount Lemmon   Leave a comment

Image Source: Arizona Daily Star

Other than a couple of weeks in January, there has been no skiing on Mount Lemmon this winter. Last year, skiing began on Dec. 26 and the last skiing day was April 11. There is, however, a 100% chance of snow tomorrow morning, so there will be people dancing on the mountain — “Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.”


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