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It’s Just A Cloud Thing   4 comments

Clouds (1 of 1)-2 blog

Clouds (1 of 1) blog

“It’s Just A Cloud Thing” Clouds Over the Santa Catalina Mountains (March 20, 2015) — Images by kenne

I love to watch them

Building above the mountains,

It’s just a cloud thing.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Desert Sunlight At The End Of A Rainy Day   Leave a comment

Rainy Sunset December 15 2012The setting sun after a rainy day in Tucson shines beneath the clouds creating a welcome contrast.

Rainy Sunset December 15 2012The normally green stick Pala Verde and mesquite trees take on an eerie yellow face to the Catalina foothills. — Images by kenne

Rain, Rain, . . .

I stand under the clouds
Watching the sunset.

Rain, rain, quince my desert’s thirst.

My skin chilled by the rain,
Warmed by the setting sun.

Rain, rain, clean my desert’s soul.

The first rain of winter
Gently kisses the foothills.

Rain, rain, don’t leave just now.

Rain in the desert is not depressing,
Appreciated in its dark and gray.

Rain, rain, a time to sing.

The clouds hide the mountains
High above the valley.

Rain, rain, falling as snow high above.

The clouds begin to break
In the morning sunrise.

Rain, rain, mountain peaks so white.

Cuddled by the fireplace,
Drinking my morning coffee.

Rain, Rain, thank you for your gifts.


First Snow On The Mountains 2012Snow-kissed Mountain Peaks The Morning After Two Days of Rainy Weather 

Oh No, Not Another Sunset!   1 comment

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Images by kenne

My neighbor Bill Wolfe is Professor Emeritus of Optical Sciences in The College of Optical Science at The University of Arizona has explained that we have sunsets that are red because of the selective nature of scattering by small particles. Blue is scattered more than red. Thus, blue skies and red sunsets. Clouds are different. The water droplets that make up clouds are about 1000 times larger than the light waves. Thus, all colors are scattered equally – neutral scattering. The droplets absorb light a little; that is why clouds are white near the top, gray further down and even black at the bottom. But we only have gorgeous sunsets when there are lots of clouds. The two go together. The clouds scatter the setting sun neutrally, all over the place, and the particles of the atmosphere filter out the blue light, leaving only the gorgeous reds to get to our eyes.




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