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Hawk In Mesquite Tree   Leave a comment

Cooper’s Hawk in Mesquite Tree — Painting by kenne

“For those of us who portray wildlife . . . our decision to persist in our quest for excellence is almost always based
on a love affair,
a fascination with the creatures of our planet, and a need to share this feeling the best way we know how.”

— Bob Kuhn (Wildlife Artist, One of the Tucson 7)

Northern Mockingbird   Leave a comment


mockingbird-0289-blogNorthern mockingbirds feed primarily on desert mistletoe berries during the Sonoran desert winter.
— Images by kenne

Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.

— Joseph Campbell

Capturing The Moment — Giant Mesquite Bug   4 comments

SCVN Nature Walk #3

SCVN Nature Walk #3Giant Mesquite Bug — Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — All Sunsets Are Not, “Just Another Sunset!”   10 comments

Hutch's Pools 02-01-13Sunset Over Tucson, Arizona — Image by kenne

Winter in the desert has set in now that all the leaves are off the mesquite trees.



Capturing The Moment — Desert Sunlight At The End Of A Rainy Day   Leave a comment

Rainy Sunset December 15 2012The setting sun after a rainy day in Tucson shines beneath the clouds creating a welcome contrast.

Rainy Sunset December 15 2012The normally green stick Pala Verde and mesquite trees take on an eerie yellow face to the Catalina foothills. — Images by kenne

Rain, Rain, . . .

I stand under the clouds
Watching the sunset.

Rain, rain, quince my desert’s thirst.

My skin chilled by the rain,
Warmed by the setting sun.

Rain, rain, clean my desert’s soul.

The first rain of winter
Gently kisses the foothills.

Rain, rain, don’t leave just now.

Rain in the desert is not depressing,
Appreciated in its dark and gray.

Rain, rain, a time to sing.

The clouds hide the mountains
High above the valley.

Rain, rain, falling as snow high above.

The clouds begin to break
In the morning sunrise.

Rain, rain, mountain peaks so white.

Cuddled by the fireplace,
Drinking my morning coffee.

Rain, Rain, thank you for your gifts.


First Snow On The Mountains 2012Snow-kissed Mountain Peaks The Morning After Two Days of Rainy Weather 

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