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Looking For Sun On A Rainy Desert Day   Leave a comment

Bernhardt Winery Ezra Charles 5-31-09Computer Painting by kenne

desert needing the rain
not meant to complain
an inch on the ground
still coming down
looking at camera dropping
doing some cropping
followed by a sun painting
while it’s still raining . . .

enough of the rhyming
I feel cheap forcing rhymes
knowing my fans will be
screaming from empty bleachers.
I seek solitude
on the patio porch
smelling the desert air
in its creosote freshness
seeking to share
a quote from
the Billy Collins poem
Marginalia —

“. . . if you have managed
to graduate from college
without ever having written
‘Man vs. Nature’
in the margin,
perhaps now is the time
to take one step forward.”

— kenne

The Forecast Calls For Scattered Showers   1 comment

Late Winter Strom 2011“The Forecast Calls For Scattered Showers” — Image by kenne


Will it rain today?

The forecast calls for showers —

Maybe, maybe not!

— kenne

The Desert Torch   4 comments

Occotio-0601 ocotillo blogThe Desert Torch — Image by kenne

rain in the desert

quickly lights the desert torch

phrase ocotillo

— kenne

The Source Of Our Past, Present And Future   3 comments

Bear Canyon 2013A mountain stream in Bear Canyon — Image by kenne

One word (after the sun) that best describes our past, present and future is water. Currently, in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area the mountain runoff is restarting nature’s wonderful cycle. Other than the fact it almost took my D800 the other day, I love being in its presence. Maybe I need to reduce my “risk factor.”


Capturing The Moment — Moss And Ferns On The Mountainside   3 comments

Hutch's Pools 02-01-13Moss & Ferns On The Mountain-side — Image by kenne

While hiking the trail to Hutch’s Pools in the Santa Catalina Mountains, fern and moss plants have turned the ground green because of recent rains. This image was captured at about the 4,00 foot level yesterday. I could have spent much of the day photographing these beautiful plants, but our purpose was hiking.


Hutch's Pools 02-01-13Images by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Desert Sunlight At The End Of A Rainy Day   Leave a comment

Rainy Sunset December 15 2012The setting sun after a rainy day in Tucson shines beneath the clouds creating a welcome contrast.

Rainy Sunset December 15 2012The normally green stick Pala Verde and mesquite trees take on an eerie yellow face to the Catalina foothills. — Images by kenne

Rain, Rain, . . .

I stand under the clouds
Watching the sunset.

Rain, rain, quince my desert’s thirst.

My skin chilled by the rain,
Warmed by the setting sun.

Rain, rain, clean my desert’s soul.

The first rain of winter
Gently kisses the foothills.

Rain, rain, don’t leave just now.

Rain in the desert is not depressing,
Appreciated in its dark and gray.

Rain, rain, a time to sing.

The clouds hide the mountains
High above the valley.

Rain, rain, falling as snow high above.

The clouds begin to break
In the morning sunrise.

Rain, rain, mountain peaks so white.

Cuddled by the fireplace,
Drinking my morning coffee.

Rain, Rain, thank you for your gifts.


First Snow On The Mountains 2012Snow-kissed Mountain Peaks The Morning After Two Days of Rainy Weather 

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