The Source Of Our Past, Present And Future   3 comments

Bear Canyon 2013A mountain stream in Bear Canyon — Image by kenne

One word (after the sun) that best describes our past, present and future is water. Currently, in the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area the mountain runoff is restarting nature’s wonderful cycle. Other than the fact it almost took my D800 the other day, I love being in its presence. Maybe I need to reduce my “risk factor.”


3 responses to “The Source Of Our Past, Present And Future

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  1. Water is the most precious resource we have, and – maybe, at least in “civilised” people – the most underappreciated. Far too few people realize that we can – maybe with some difficult adjustment, but perfectly well – live without oil, but not at all without water. Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture of the source of life.
    Best regards from southern Texas,


    • Thanks for the comment. We are in complete agreement. If you haven’t read Marc Reisner’s book, “Cadillac Desert,” you may won’t to. It’s about the American west and its disappearing water.


      • Hi Kenne,
        Thanks for the book tip. 🙂 I’ve just added it to my wish list. Let’s see if/when I get around to reading it.
        As to water/drought: just today there was a report in our San Antonio newspaper that Texas, already having been in the clutches of a drought for a few years [San Antonio rainfall October – February half the average], will very likely experience even more months of drought, even in the normally rainy months of May and June. Our next “real chance of rain” is forecast for October! And that, while the Edwards Aquifer is 18 to 30 feet below normal and the Medina Reservoir only 8 percent full, and falling. The otehr reservoirs are faring slightly better, but that’s no consolation at all. Truly a sad aspect.
        Best regards from southern Texas,


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