It’s Just A Cloud Thing   4 comments

Clouds (1 of 1)-2 blog

Clouds (1 of 1) blog

“It’s Just A Cloud Thing” Clouds Over the Santa Catalina Mountains (March 20, 2015) — Images by kenne

I love to watch them

Building above the mountains,

It’s just a cloud thing.

— kenne

4 responses to “It’s Just A Cloud Thing

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  1. The clouds of Saint George
    Play with the colors of rocks
    In the Virgin River Gorge
    That carries the river and the road
    South to Mesquite and Las Vegas.
    The clouds of Saint George
    Appear in the afternoon.
    They begin small and rapidly enlarge.
    They block the sun that colors the rocks.
    Cumulus clouds grow quickly immense,
    Thunder growls and lightning flashes.
    Like lacey veils, virga hang from the clouds.
    Rain drops seldom reach the thirsty earth below.
    If rain drops do survive the drop in dry air,
    They are few and large and evaporate instantly.
    They return to the sky and rejoin
    The clouds of Saint George.


  2. lovely cloud things 😀


  3. Clouds are one of my favorite things.


  4. As lovely as Canada can be, your images evoke the question, am I living in the right place for me.Thanks for showing me how big the sky can be. Peace, Harlon


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