Winter In Sabino Canyon   6 comments

Winter In Sabino Canyon_Panorama1 blogWinter In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Southern Arizona has a hard-freeze coming from the cold north that  will push our temperatures into the low to mid-twenties the next three morning — lots of plant to cover and/or move inside.


6 responses to “Winter In Sabino Canyon

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  1. We each posted winter shots from our own turf this morning. VERY different! Do like yours: so much less to shovel.


  2. Oh wow! That is so beautiful! Thank you for taking me with you!


  3. There seem to be some strange weather patterns over the US the last couple of years. How often do you get these kind of temperatures in southern Arizona? Did you get all your plants protected? Here in Ohio we are having days in the 60’s and that is very unusual for January.


    • It’s not unusual to tease the freezing point now and then, but having a hard freeze (mid to low 20’s) several days in a row is unusual. It have be hard on some of the desert plants — most are able to come back.


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