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Capturing The Moment — Ocotillo Alone The Trail   Leave a comment

Romero PoolsOcotillo Along The Trail — Image by kenne

During the desert dry times, the ocotillo looks like a gray stick, only to leaf-out after rain. Since the higher elevations tend to receive more rain than in the valley, many of the ocotillo on the Romero Pools Trail were becoming green sticks last week (February 15, 2013). Because it was a hazing morning, softening the suns, I choose to take more of a silhouette image of this early sign of spring in the mountains.

This image was taken last Friday — today (February 20th) this area is receiving a few inches of snow with rain here in the Tucson valley. The new leaves will do just fine.



Capturing The Moment — Desert Silhouette   7 comments

MMM 02-04-13“Desert Silhouette” — Image by kenne

“Oh that the desert were my dwelling place,
With only one fair spirit for my minster.
That I might forget the human race,
And hating no one, love her only.”

— Lord Byron

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