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My Bird of Paradise   1 comment

Bird of Paradise — Photo-Artistry by kenne

My Bird of Paradise

Pleasing to behold
Is alive and has a soul
Paralyzed by love.

— kenne


Capturing The Moment — Hello Little Butterfly   4 comments

Tanuri Ridge Flowers Auguat 2013-7778 butterfly Art II blogTailed Orange Butterfly on Mexican Bird of Paradise — Image by kenne

Hello little butterfly
don’t fly by
I’ve waiting for you.

Dressed in my best colors
I dance in the breeze
desiring your kiss.

A flighting visit
becoming your fancy
if only for the moment

— kenne

Look At What The Morning Brings   7 comments

Mexican Bird of ParadiceMexican Bird of Paradise– Image by kenne

Look at what the morning brings

the sun rising over the mountains

bringing life back from death

towering stalks holding buds

above the desert’s dry rocky soil

soon blossoming in yellow and red

the beautiful Mexican Bird of Paradise.


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