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American Snout, Spring Azure, and Two Cloudless Sulphur Butterflies on a Mexican Bird of Paradice — Image by kenne

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American SnoutAmerican Snout Butterflies — Image by kenne

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American Snout Butterfly-72American Snout Butterfly On a Hackberry Tree (Sabino Canyon) — Image by kenne

I first posted an American Snout butterfly in August of 2011.
With this posting, I now have 12 American Snout images on this blog.

— kenne

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 American Snout-1084-72American Snout Butterfly — Image by kenne

For the poets have seen the truth that life, change, movement, and
insecurity are so many names for the same thing. Here, if anyway,
truth is beauty, for movement and rhythm are of the essence of all things loveable.

— Alan W. Watts

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Butterflies-2105-American Snout-72American Snout Butterfly — Image by kenne

Ragged wings
Tossed by the winds
Hold on tight.

— kenne

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American Snout-72American Snout Butterfly — Image by kenne

As seen in this image, American Snouts often perch on branches as if to imitate a dead leaf. This small, relatively dull colored butterfly got its named because of the pronounced elongation of its labial palpi into a prominent snout — the better with which to suck.

— kenne


American Snout Butterfly   2 comments

American Snout-blogAmerican Snout Butterfly — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The most meaningful engine of change,
powerful enough to confront corporate power,
maybe not so much environmental quality,
as the economic development
and growth associated with the effort to improve it.

— Barry Commoner


A Butterfly Morning — A Photo Essay   3 comments

Images Taken Yesterday Morning by kenne (common emigrant and American snout butteries)

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American Snout-0420 blogAmerican Snout Butterfly — Image by kenne

American politics causes me to look away,
to look away to nature for other images 
to cradle my shaken emotions, 
images that help awaken the shared
suffering of broken hearts, which have 
become symbolic victims of our times as we
seek the rapture associated with being alive.

— kenne

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself
again and again.

— Joseph Campbell

Capturing The Moment — American Snout Butterfly   4 comments

American Snout Butterfly-0754 blogAmerican Snout Butterfly — Image by kenne

Why show my top-side

When my dull bottom-side blends

So well with this branch.

— kenne

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

— Albert Einstein

Capturing The Moment — American Snout Butterflies   1 comment

The American Snout Butterflies Near The Sycamore Trailhead — Images by kenne

Who Knew The Caterpillar Would Become A Butterfly?   Leave a comment

American Snout Butterflies In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

I am who I am
and always will be.

Knowing who I am
frees me to reinvent

my being.

Friends lament
as the caterpillar

becomes the butterfly —

“There was nothing in him
that told us he was going
to be a butterfly.”


“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities.
The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices
but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.”  

– –  Albert Einstein

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