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Early Risers In Sabino Canyon   Leave a comment

checkered white-72Checkered White Butterfly on a Clearwater cryptantha Wildflower — Image by kenne

clearwater cryptantha-72Clearwater cryptantha Wildflower — Image by kenne

In this grass,
new to my world
miniature wildflowers
and butterflies pass
almost undetected.
Still, they play for a
legendary conductor
with them, life goes on.

— kenne


Imagination   3 comments

Queen-art-blogQueen Butterfly — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“Imagination is more important the knowledge.”

— Einstein

Queen Butterfly Photo-Artister   4 comments

Queen Butterfly-art-blog.jpgQueen Butterfly Photo-Artistry by kenne

The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the parts.

— Paul Ehrlich

Queen Butterfly   Leave a comment

butterflies-half-moon-8825-blog IIQueen Butterfly — Image by kenne

Queen Butterfly

In his frenzy to use
what I am to refuse
from a belly-puff he strews
fine power on my joins
which, filtering inside, coins
a splendor more eye-bugged than the three
deaths I have died had ever given me:
sweller than digestion, flitter than wings
or witting as selves all glitterings
in the coloured perfumes of panoply –
while the liquid rings
he is threading bend
his body at my breeding end.

— Les Murray

Queen Butterfly — Remember Me   Leave a comment

. . . with each encounter, 

Queen Butterfly-1717 blog

Bear Canyon Trail-1728 blogQueen Butterfly — Images by kenne

i pick
up your breath and
remember me

— Sonia Sanchez


Queen Butterfly   1 comment

D500 PhotosQueen Butterfly (December 8, 2016) — Image by kenne

The butterfly obtains
But little sympathy
Though favorably mentioned
In Entomology –

Because he travels freely
And wears a proper coat
The circumspect are certain
That he is dissolute –

Had he the homely scutcheon
Of modest Industry
‘Twere fitter certifying
For Immortality –

— Emily Dickinson


Queen Butterfly   7 comments

Sabino Canyon 06-09-12A June Queen Butterfly — Image by kenne

Sabino Canyon 06-09-12Queen Butterfly — Image by kenne



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