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Is It A Queen Or Monarch Butterfly?   Leave a comment

Is It A Queen Or Monarch Butterfly? May Guess, Queen. — Image by kenne

Similar, to monarchs, queens (Danaus gilippus thersippus) migrate in and out of the desert southwest.
Unlike monarchs, queens can be abundantly common in the desert southwest of central to SE Arizona west to California.

A Gathering On A Buttonbush Flower   Leave a comment

Insects on Buttonbush (1 of 1)Grunge Art-blogA Gathering of Insects On a Buttonbush Flower — Photo-Artistry by kenne


Mexican Yellow Butterfly on a Buttonbush Blossom   Leave a comment

Insects on Buttonbush (1 of 1)-5 art blogMexican Yellow Butterfly on a Buttonbush Blossom — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Mexican yellow

Haphazardly flies around

Lands on a button.

— kenne

Lyside Sulphur Butterfly   1 comment

Lyside Sulphur Butterfly blogLyside Sulphur Butterfly — Image by kenne

Viceroy On Paper — Grunge Art   2 comments

Viceroy On Paper3 Grunge blogViceroy Butterfly on Paper, Grunge Art — Image by kenne

There is no end, but addition: the trailing

Consequence of further days and hours,

While emotion takes to itself the emotionless

Years of living among the breakage

Of what was believed in as the most reliable –

And therefore the fittest for renunciation.

— from The Dry Salvages by T.S. Eloit

Honey-Bells Grange Art   Leave a comment

Viceroy Butterfly on Buttonbush (1 of 1) Grunge Art-2 blogViceroy Butterfly on a Honey-bell — Grunge Art by kenne

honey-bells grunge

in words and art, should it be

honey-balls grunge?

— kenne

Viceroy Butterfly on Buttonbush   2 comments

Buttonbush and Viceroy butterfly (1 of 1)-2 blog

Viceroy Butterfly on Buttonbush (1 of 1) art blogViceroy Butterfly on Buttonbush — Images by kenne

I went for a walk in Sabino Canyon early this morning to check out the Sabino creek flow over the dam. Above the dam near the creek I found a lot of buttonbush in bloom, with a lot of insects swarming over the flowers. One of the many insects was this beautiful viceroy butterfly.

With all the insect interest, I can see why another common name is “honey-bells.” They may be honey to insects, but this plant contains the poison CEPHALATHIN. Cephalathin will induce vomiting, paralysis, and convulsions if ingested.


Buttonbush Near Bear Canyon Creek   6 comments

7 Falls Oct 2013-8288 Buttonbush blog

7 Falls Oct 2013-8293 buttonbush blogButtonbush Near Bear Canyon Creek — Images by kenne

The creek is now dry
Still the flowers and red fruit
Shadow the creekside.

  — kenne

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