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Mexican Yellow Butterfly Art   Leave a comment

Mexican Yellow Butterfly — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Butterflies are nature’s angels.
They remind us what a gift it is to be alive.

Robyn Nola

Mexican Yellow Butterfly on a Buttonbush Blossom   Leave a comment

Insects on Buttonbush (1 of 1)-5 art blogMexican Yellow Butterfly on a Buttonbush Blossom — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Mexican yellow

Haphazardly flies around

Lands on a button.

— kenne

Mexican Yellow Butterfly Photo-Artistry Art   Leave a comment

Mexican Yellow-0423 Grunge Art-Edit-2 blogMexican Yellow Butterfly Photo-Artistry Art by kenne

Memory of sunlight warming
a grove of  orange trees,
scent of blossoms mixed
with dusty air, sweet juice
pooling on the tongue.

— from Still Life with Lemons by Anne Babson Carter

A Message Through My Fingers   1 comment

Mexican Yellow-0423 Grunge Art blogMexican Yellow Butterfly — Grunge Art by kenne

I look to you
to say something to me
to bring me some intuitive wisdom
to console me, construct me,
converge me
to send me a message through my fingers
and your page
to reveal something
I wish I already knew.

— from “something” by Carmen Tafolla

September Morning   Leave a comment

yellow-butterfly-1-of-3-blogMexican Yellow — Image by kenne

Mexican yellow

On a September morning

A snapshot for me.

— kenne

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