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Monarch Butterflies — Their Beauty Doesn’t Need Words   3 comments

Monarch Butterflies — Their Beauty Doesn’t Need Words (October 3, 2021) — Images by kenne

Is It A Queen Or Monarch Butterfly?   Leave a comment

Is It A Queen Or Monarch Butterfly? May Guess, Queen. — Image by kenne

Similar, to monarchs, queens (Danaus gilippus thersippus) migrate in and out of the desert southwest.
Unlike monarchs, queens can be abundantly common in the desert southwest of central to SE Arizona west to California.

Butterfly Royalty   Leave a comment

Monarch Butterfly-Edit-1-art-72Butterfly Royalty — Photo-Artistry by kenne

I say it’s a monarch

you say it’s a queen.

Either way,

both are beautiful

and butterfly royalty.

— kenne


We Are Like Butterflies   Leave a comment

Ken & Mary Visit -- Monarch-2-art-72Monarch Butterfly — Photo-Artistry by kenne

We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.

–Carl Sagan

Monarch Butterfly   Leave a comment

Ken & Mary Visit -- Monarch-art-72.jpgMonarch Butterfly — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“Just living is not enough,”
said the butterfly,
“one must have sunshine,
freedom and a little flower.”

— Hans Christian Andersen

Few Monarchs, But Plenty Of Queens   3 comments

Queen Butterfly (1 of 1) blogQueen Butterfly — Image by kenne

With butterfly migration going on, we don’t see a lot of the beautiful Monarchs, but we do see a lot of Queens, which are often confused with the Monarch. Basically, the Queen shares a Müllerian mimicry with the Monarch.


There’s A Queen In Sabino Canyon, Lot’s Of Them   2 comments

There are a lot of them this time of year in the canyon — the smaller, darker relative of the Monarch Butterfly.
Images by kenne
Click on smaller image to see  a larger view of the gallery.

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