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“Night Glow”   1 comment

Viceroy Butterfly on Buttonbush (1 of 1) grunge art-3 blog“Night Glow” Computer Art by kenne

Hot Sierra morning.

Brenda working in another room.

Rumble of heavy equipment in the meadow,

bird squall. Steller’s jay, and then

the piercing three-note whistle of a robin.

They’re mating now. Otherwise they’re mute.

Mother-ing. Or Mother-song.


— from My Mother’s Nipples by Robert Hass

Viceroy On Paper — Grunge Art   2 comments

Viceroy On Paper3 Grunge blogViceroy Butterfly on Paper, Grunge Art — Image by kenne

There is no end, but addition: the trailing

Consequence of further days and hours,

While emotion takes to itself the emotionless

Years of living among the breakage

Of what was believed in as the most reliable –

And therefore the fittest for renunciation.

— from The Dry Salvages by T.S. Eloit

Viceroy Butterfly on Buttonbush   2 comments

Buttonbush and Viceroy butterfly (1 of 1)-2 blog

Viceroy Butterfly on Buttonbush (1 of 1) art blogViceroy Butterfly on Buttonbush — Images by kenne

I went for a walk in Sabino Canyon early this morning to check out the Sabino creek flow over the dam. Above the dam near the creek I found a lot of buttonbush in bloom, with a lot of insects swarming over the flowers. One of the many insects was this beautiful viceroy butterfly.

With all the insect interest, I can see why another common name is “honey-bells.” They may be honey to insects, but this plant contains the poison CEPHALATHIN. Cephalathin will induce vomiting, paralysis, and convulsions if ingested.


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