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A Sunday Outing Along The Poudre River   1 comment

Poudre River Wildflowers (1 of 1)-2 blog framed

My daughter, Kate and her family (Matt, Nick and Jaxon) and I walked a trail near the Poudre River northwest of Ft. Collins, Colorado (September 14, 2014).
Click on and of the tiled images for a larger view in a slideshow format,or view the images in my Flickr account. 
I have other photos of this beautiful country I will be sharing in future postings. — Images by kenne

Katie At Old Tucson Video   Leave a comment

Kate becomes part of the entertainment — Image by kenne

Matt also becomes part of the entertainment in the Saloon. Image by kenne

On the 17th of April, Katie, Nick, Matt, Joy and I were at Old Tucson and fun was had by all. As you can see, Kate and Matt got in on the act(s).



More Old Tucson Studios Ride Photos   Leave a comment

Old Tucson Studios — Image by kenne

Kate taking photos at Old Tucson Studios — Image by kenne

Click Here for Flickr Slideshow

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Capturing the Moment — Train Ride at Old Tucson   Leave a comment

. . .  the moment is not about now, but about forever.

Nick, Kate, Matt (behind Joy) & Joy enjoying the train ride at Old Tucson during visit to Tucson last week — Image by kenne (More to come.)

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Capturing the Moment — The Bailey’s at The San Xavier Mission   Leave a comment

Katie, Matt & Nick at the San Xavier Mission — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — More Sabino Canyon with Kate’s Family   6 comments

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Shortly after Kate, Nick and Matt arrived last Friday a.m., we had breakfast and headed to Sabino Canyon where we rode the tram up into the canyon, then walked back down to the Center.

The video is three short clips from the ride and at one of the Sabino Canyon creek pools where Jill and James also enjoyed the cool water last October.


Capturing the Moment — On Tram In Sabino Canyon   2 comments

Grandpa Ken, Nick & Grandma Joy In Sabino Canyon — Image by kenne

Capturing the Moment — Kate & Family Arrive in Tucson   Leave a comment

Kate, Matt & Nick Arriving April 15th — Image by kenne

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Nick’s Birthday, 2009   Leave a comment

Nick's Birthday Party 2009  7529 - 2009-08-16 at 13-09-05 blog

Friends and family celebrated Nick birthday early before Kate, Matt and Nick headed back to Ft. Collins. Even though it was hot for these Ft. Collins people, we are appreciative of the time they spent in the Texas gulf coast. (Photo Set)


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Bailey’s In Houston   Leave a comment

Nick & Kate Visit August 2009  7456 - 2009-08-08 at 15-13-09 blogNick and Kate

Kate, Matt and Nick are visiting from Ft. Collins and we were able to do some family time yesterday. (Photo set.)


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Nicholas Bailey — Connect to His Blog   Leave a comment

We Are Linked To The Littl’ Bug

Nicholas’s mom (Katie) is great about sharing photos of the Bailey Family, far away in Fort Collins, CO.

If you want to see what the Bailey’s are up to, click on Littl’ Bug on the Blogroll.  Now if we could only get others in the family to start using technology to share and reduce the distance between love ones.  But not to frat, I will keep pursuing.


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Memorial Day, May 26, 2008   1 comment

Matt Bailey (In Center)

(On this Memorial Day, I share the following from daughter, Katie Bailey.)

A short story for everyone…..

Shortly after Matt started going to classes this spring at CSU he decided to check out the Air Force ROTC program. As some of you guys know, last spring Matt tried to join the Air Force Reserve. He had to lose about 40 lbs and he did so. He went back to get weighed and measured knowing he was going to make the weight and the recruiter said there is a new rule this year….No tattoos below the elbow that can be seen but if you already have some they can not be vulgar or cover more than 25% of the arm. Matt as you know has a couple of tats below his elbow….one being a cross with Nick’s bday and the other a tribal tattoo down his arm that he got while serving in Saudi Arabia, which was the one in question. He had to get pictures taken so the recruiter could send them to the higher ups to be approved or not approved. A week later she calls and says “No, you can not join because of your tattoo.” Matt, as might have guessed, was pretty ticked off with all the work he had done to lose the weight and to have them say no. Even though he was also prior military service it didn’t matter. So life went on….we moved up here and he talked to the Captain, Major and Colonel here at CSU for the Air Force ROTC program. He then had to lose the weight again and they told him that his tattoo was not vulgar and didn’t cover up 25% of his arm so he should be fine. So he made the weight and joined the Air Force ROTC program this spring. He also decided to join the Wing Walker Pershing Rifle Honor Guard. For those of you that don’t know they are the group of people that honor CSU, UNC, and surrounding areas. Today, they honored soldiers that were lost in battle at the Rest Haven Memorial Garden in Fort Collins. And I wanted to share a few pictures from our chilly morning. I am very proud to be the wife of a man that has the biggest heart I know and sacrifices his time for others!

Happy Memorial Day!

The Bailey Family

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