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Kate’s Photo Collage   6 comments

Katerbug77 is my daughter Kate’s Instagram account name.
She posted this on her account this morning.
, we will be able to get together later this year — Hopefully!

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Mother Agnes with Granddaughter Kate — Throwback Thursday   1 comment

EasterKate&Mom-B-W blogMother Agnes with Granddaughter Kate (Easter, April 11, 2004) — Image by kenne

I don’t usually do “Throwback Thursday” postings, but the other day I ran across this photo. Mother could be real entertaining at times.

Kate was probably listening to her grandmother talking to her other son, Tom. Look at Kate’s eyes.

Agnes was a great storyteller and had an identifiable laugh, especially when she was excited.

Once she was entertaining her grandchildren telling stories, I placed a small recorder near her. Like so many things over the years, it got misplaced, or accidentally tossed in a move.

— kenne

Christmas Past #3   2 comments

Christmas04KenKateMom blogChristmas Past #3 (Me, Kate and Mother, December 22, 2004) — Image by Joy


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“All Women Are Wounded”   1 comment

Kate & Jaxon (1 of 1) 1x1_edit blogKate and Jaxon — Image by kenne

All women are wounded
Who gather berries, dibble in mottled light.
Turn white roots from humus, crack nuts on stone
High upland with squinted eye
or rest in cedar shade.
Are wounded
In yurt or frame or mothers
Shopping at the outskirts in fresh clothes.
Whose sick eye bleeds the land,
Fast it!    thick throat shields from evil,
you young girls
First caught with the gut-cramp
Gather punk wood and sour leaf
keep out of our kitchen.
Your garden plots, your bright fabrics
Clever ways to carry children

a beauty like season or tide,
sea cries . . .

— from “Praise for Sick Women” by Gary Snyder

Wildflowers On The Banks Of The Poudre River   Leave a comment

Poudre River Wildflowers (1 of 1)-6 blog

Wildflowers along the banks of the Poudre River (September 14, 2014) — Images by kenne (Click on any of the tiled images to see larger view in a slideshow format.)

Capturing The Moment — Mother and Son   6 comments

Kate & Jaxon (1 of 1) 1x1_edit blog“Mother and Son” Katie Turner Bailey & Kenne Jaxon Bailey (September 14, 2014) — Image by kenne

She is special.

The gate-keeper

To his life,

Knowing when to open

When to close —





She is special,

She is a

Mother —

He is special.

— kenne

A Sunday Outing Along The Poudre River   1 comment

Poudre River Wildflowers (1 of 1)-2 blog framed

My daughter, Kate and her family (Matt, Nick and Jaxon) and I walked a trail near the Poudre River northwest of Ft. Collins, Colorado (September 14, 2014).
Click on and of the tiled images for a larger view in a slideshow format,or view the images in my Flickr account. 
I have other photos of this beautiful country I will be sharing in future postings. — Images by kenne

Do You Like Your Smartphone To Facebook Photos?   Leave a comment

Kate Along the shore (1 of 1) blogOriginal Image of Kate in the Surf

Kate Caught In The Tide (1 of 1) blogFacebook Image

A few postings back, I posted the above photo, which I took off Facebook, of daughter Kate alone the Del Mar, California shore. I did a little Photoshop work on the photo, but wasn’t pleased — still I posted it because I like the captured image of Kate.

Later, I ask Kate if she could send me the original, which she did — much better, containing more pixels than the one I got off Facebook. I know Kate uses filters on many photos she shares on Facebook and she may have in this case — I didn’t ask.

It’s so easy to capture the moment, but often the user is thinking about sharing the moment rather than taking a quality photograph to share. Once a quality photo is captured, which Kate’s friend did, then you can use filters and third-party camera apps to share quality images you have captured.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that whatever camera you may use to capture the moment, the best camera is always the one you have with you. So, think taking good photographs and not snapshots.


Capturing The Moment — Caught In The Tide   1 comment

Kate Caught In The Tide (1 of 1) blog“Caught In The Tide” (Katie Turner Bailey at Del Mar Beach) — Image by Holly, Originally poster on Facebook

Kate caught in the tide

Dress and phone are high and dry,

Friend snaps a picture.

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Mother and Son   12 comments

Jax & Kate (1 of 1)_art framed blog“Mother and Son” (Kenne Jaxon and Kate, June 13, 2014) — Image by kenne

Moments of fear,

not to worry,

she will always

have his back.

— kenne

Not Just Another Father’s Day   3 comments

katie-david-me-revised-2011-blogKate, Kenne (Dad) and Kenne David — Father’s Day Many Years Ago

Father’s Day morning

A ride into the Rockies

Celebrating life.

— kenne

(Visiting Kate in Ft. Collins, CO on Father’s Day weekend, 2014)

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Capturing The Moment — Daughter And Grandson On Father’s Day   2 comments

Jaxon Collage_edited-1 blogKenne Jaxon Bailey Gives His Mom, Kate, A Big Birthday Kiss — Image Collage by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Kate And James Snapshot   7 comments

Kate and James-8427 blogGrandchildren Katelyn and James — Image by kenne

Happy Birthday, Kate   3 comments

Katie Painting blog b-w framed collageImage by kenne

May you never stray from the true path of who you are as you continue your amazing journey. 


With much love,


Nicholas, Kate and ?   Leave a comment

Nicholas, Kate and ? Source: Kate’s Facebook Page

A baby brother will be arriving in May!

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