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Happy 16th Birthday To Nicholas Bailey   4 comments

Nick Bailey (August 20, 2021) In Portland Maine — Images by kenne


Nick with Mom, and Granddad, November 25, 2006 — (Birth Date, September 13, 2005)

Young men, your age want to grow up too fast.

My best gift for your 16th birthday is: don’t rush. 

Take your time, enjoy your youth, party like crazy,

and make responsible decisions.



Capturing The Moment — West Texas On Canvas & Family   4 comments

This past week we visited family in San Antonio and Houston, stopping in Ft. Stockton over night before arriving in San Antonio.

Grandson, Nicholas, who will be seven September 13th.

Nicholas, Mom (Katie) and three-plus month old Kenne Jaxson.

Mom with Kenne Jaxson (Jax)

Nicholas — Images by kenne

Nick’s Face Art   2 comments

Where Nick’s Face Art Is Displayed On The Patio — Images by kenne


Grandson, Nick, made this ceramic art for Joy and I and now we have place it on the patio.



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Capturing The Moment — Nicholas Bailey – Window of San Xavier Mission   1 comment

Grandson, Nicholas Bailey at The San Xavier Mission — Image by kenne

Silhouette In The Window

 He sits in the dark
A silhouette in the light
Shinning through God’s window
My subject of admiration
A glowing image in the darkness
Only to become the stuff of dreams

— kenne

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