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Holiday Travels   2 comments

Sunrise in West Texas East of Ft. Stockton On I-10 (December 23, 2022) — Image by kenne

Christmas in Texas

Twelve hundred miles from Tucson

First time in two years.

— kenne

Driving Through West Texas   1 comment

Driving Through West Texas — Image by kenne

West Texas


West Texas is a never-ending ocean of hot sand
Winding dunes shifting and changing earth’s skin
Cactuses standing sentinel over desolate wasteland
Tumbleweeds carried by parched bone-dry wind.

Behold the cactus country scorched and unforgiving
Dry hard packed earth baked in the intense sunlight
Heat rising and objects in the distance shimmering
Then comes the mirage the dreamy desert sight.

Gusting howling wind whistling over crumbling rock
Slowly forming wind-worn rock formation over time
Lost in time but not a prisoner to any man’s clock
Boundless desert will be painted poetic and sublime.

The least little bits of wind will raise puffs of dust
Dust Devils swirl on the dunes and dancing perform
Leaving clouds of dusty grit floating like smoke thus
A prelude to the nightmare of a desert sandstorm.

There is an oasis in the desert a haven from the sear
Cooling waters and with vibrant desert blooms are rife
A beauty is in the desert’s pure clean atmosphere
West Texas is arid fierce and fiery but it’s full of life…..

Nobody Special

On The Road: Somewhere In West Texas   2 comments

On The Road: Somewhere In West Texas — Image by kenne

many miles from home
on the road in west Texas
our August road trip

— kenne

West Texas   3 comments

West Texas — Photo-Artistry by kenne

I want to dance on your plains,
Twirl in the rain,
And let the drops fall between my lips
Like the crevices of your canyons,

Brought to life when you are,
Slumber when you do,
Live each day as you live,
My sweet West Texas.

— from West Texas by Emily Miller

West Texas Sunset   Leave a comment

West Texas Sunset-art-72West Texas Sunset — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Driving West Texas

Offers surprizes to all

Painting the sunset.

— kenne

I-10 In West Texas   1 comment

I 10 B-W (1 of 1)-72I-10 In West Texas — Image by kenne

I-10 —
A road
That never leads
To nowhere.

— kenne

West Texas Wind Turbines   3 comments

West Texas Wind Turbines-0790 blogWest Texas Wind Turbines — Image by kenne

West Texas windmills
In the land of oil and gas
Titans in Battle.

— kenne


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West Texas In Black and White   Leave a comment

I 10 B-W (1 of 1)_edit blogWest Texas — Image by kenne

driving miles of I-10’s rough roads
we watch the clouds moving in
over the mountains
as we drove the
high desert miles,
with only an occasional
ranch to market road overpass
between Ft. Stockton and Van Horn.

— kenne

Leaving Behind The Ice   1 comment

Icy Conditions (1 of 1)-12 blogEarly Morning in Ft. Stockton, Texas — Images by kenne

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slideshow of images driving icy roads in west Texas, January 3, 2015.

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Freezing Rain In West Texas   4 comments

Freezing Rain 2015 01 02_0427_blog

Freezing Rain2015 01 02_0425_blogFreezing Rain In West Texas — Images by kenne

We delayed our return to Tucson for one day because of winter weather warnings in west Texas. Conditions were looking better yesterday, so we headed west on I-10. Using travel and weather apps we were able to track the I-10 conditions. Reports looked good to Ft. Stockton, but beyond travel was discouraged. Temperatures hovered around freezing, then about 100 miles east of Ft. Stockton we were driving in freezing rain. Knowing that gas would be an issue since the winter storm had begun on the 31st (New Year’s Eve), stopped frequently, keeping the tank no lower than half full. 

We had reserved a room in Ft. Stockton the day before, we weren’t out in the cold like many. After arriving to the Comfort Inn, I went looking for gas and waited in line for over an hour.

Ft. Stockton has never been one of my favorite places, so covered with ice doesn’t make it a more enjoyable place.

Looks like we will be able to move on west later this morning.


Capturing The Moment — Snow In West Texas   1 comment

Houston Trip_2014 12 23_0174_snow on the mountains_blog-2Davis Mountains — Image by kenne

While driving I-10 somewhere between Van Horn and Ft. Stockton, we came upon a very recent snow fall. This scene is of the Davis Mountains looking south from I-10. The temperature was in the mid-thirties, so it was a wet snow allowing it to cling to the mountain-sides. What a beautiful contrast to the normal west-Texas views.

Storm in the canyons

A west Texas whiteout

Holiday pictures.


Capturing The Moment — West Texas On Canvas & Family   4 comments

This past week we visited family in San Antonio and Houston, stopping in Ft. Stockton over night before arriving in San Antonio.

Grandson, Nicholas, who will be seven September 13th.

Nicholas, Mom (Katie) and three-plus month old Kenne Jaxson.

Mom with Kenne Jaxson (Jax)

Nicholas — Images by kenne

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