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West Texas Sunset   Leave a comment

West Texas Sunset-art-72West Texas Sunset — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Driving West Texas

Offers surprizes to all

Painting the sunset.

— kenne

Catepillar of a Manduca sexta Moth   Leave a comment

catipillar-of-a-manduca-sexta-moth-1-of-1-blogCaterpillar of a Manduca sexta Moth — Image by kenne


Partying In Alamos, Sonora   Leave a comment

One of our guides while in Alamos was Stephanie Meyer. Stephanie, a field trained biologist, excellent birder and interpreter of Mexico’s mestizo and indigenous culture hosted a gathering of local friends and our tour group at her home in Alamos.

Stephanie's Party (1 of 1) blog

To help make for a very festive cultural exchange atmosphere,
the Ronstadt Generations played with some of the Estudiantina de Alamos members. (See video below)
Stephanie's Party (1 of 1)-2 blog

As usual, our hands-on guide and party host, Stephen Bernier
(President of South of the Border Tours — above center)
was doing his “Eveready” battery impersonation — he ass constantly on the move.
Stephanie's Party (1 of 1)-4 blog

Good conversation and plenty to drink, of course.Stephanie's Party (1 of 1)-3 blogSpephanie and her help made sure there was plenty of tasty food.
— Images by kenne

Ronstadt Generations — Americano Song Video by kenne

Monitoring Hummingbirds In Sabino Canyon   2 comments

Broad-billed Hummingbird (1 of 1)-2 blogBroad-billed Hummingbird in Sabino Canyon Recreation Area — Images by kenne

Sabino Canyon participates in the southern Arizona Hummingbird Monitoring Network. Volunteers trap, record and provide feeder assistance at monitoring stations in the Sabino Dam area. 2015 is the 14th year of the Hummingbird Monitoring Network’s multi-year investigation of the distribution, migration and diversity of hummingbirds. Information collected is used to assist in the preservation and protection of hummingbirds.


Broad-billed Hummingbird (1 of 1) blogThis hummingbird has already been banded.

Broad-bill Hummingbird (1 of 1)-5 blogClick on images to larger view.

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