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Hacienda de los Santos Parlor   Leave a comment

Hacienda de los Santos Parlor-72Hacienda de los Santos Parlor (Alamos, Mexico) — Image by kenne

gate of our being, awaken me, bring dawn,
grant that I see the face of the living day,
grant that I see the face of this live night,
everything speaks now, everything is transformed,
O arch of blood, bridge of our pulse beating,
carry me through to the far side of this night….

gateway of being: open your being, awaken,
learn then to be, begin to carve your face,
develop your elements, and keep your vision
keen to look at my face, as I at yours,
keen to look full at life right through to death,
faces of sea, of bread, of rock, of fountain,
the spring of origin which will dissolve our faces
in the nameless face, existence without face
the inexpressible presence of presences…

— from “Sunstone,” by Octavio Paz

Cat at Hacienda de los Santos Resort and Spa   Leave a comment

Cat Hacienda de los santos Resort-Edit-1-art-blog.jpgCat at Hacienda de los Santos Resort and Spa (Alamos, Sonora, Mexico)
— Photo-Artistry by kenne

Ask a cat
They will tell you
Who’s the queen.

— kenne

Early Morning In Alamos, Sonora   2 comments

Alamos Street (1 of 1)-HDR blogEarly Morning Street Sence In Alamos, Sonora — HDR Image by kenne

Alamos, Sonora
7 a.m caught
the eye of
a lone dog
at the door
Mexican dog
not one to
chase bikes
laying against
the sidewalk.

only a few
high clouds
add contrast
against the 
blue sky
behind me
a truck
rattles by
carts pushed
toward the
no one
on benches 
like in America.

some Mexicans
sitting on the
church steps
born destined
to work in the
cathedral of toil
looking old at 21
a woman leaves
morning mess
still believing in
the Guadalupe lady
painted on velvet —
I shell paint
a velvet Elvis.

— kenne


Mi Pueblo Alamos — Computer Painting   4 comments

Street (1 of 1)_painting blogMi Pueblo Alamos– Computer Painting by kenne

Swish, swish, swish it’s a steady beat
In the early morn when they sweep the streets
Roosters crow and burros bray
Welcoming you to another day

And the sound of music fills the air
Lifting the spirits of those who dare
To just enjoy being in this place
Where life moves at a slower pace

The days go by with not much worry
You can take life easy or be in a hurry
It’s your choice, it’s your wish
But I like it here just as it is!

— from “Mi Pueblo Alamos” by Lynda Baronde

The Morning Is Bright   2 comments

Alamos Street (1 of 1)_painting II blogThe Morning is Bright — Computer Painting by kenne

The morning is bright,

listen to soft voices

full of light and gentle.

It is thoughtfulness

of eternal morning

full of secrets captive

in each heart and soul.

With the morning sun

our cares pass as

for a moment we

become more childlike

dripping memories

in the fountain of life.

— kenne


Templo de la Purisima Concepcion de Alamos   3 comments

Some of the music events during the International Music Festival in Alamos, Sonora took place in and around the Templo de la Purisima Concepcion de Alamos, a beautiful old church on the Plaza de Armas. 

Templo (1 of 1)-2 blog
Church on Plaza de Armas (1 of 1) blog

Luft Bassoons Quartet (1 of 1) blogLuft Bassooms Quartet

Templo (1 of 1) blogTemplo de la Purisima Concepcion de Alamos — Images by kenne

Partying In Alamos, Sonora   Leave a comment

One of our guides while in Alamos was Stephanie Meyer. Stephanie, a field trained biologist, excellent birder and interpreter of Mexico’s mestizo and indigenous culture hosted a gathering of local friends and our tour group at her home in Alamos.

Stephanie's Party (1 of 1) blog

To help make for a very festive cultural exchange atmosphere,
the Ronstadt Generations played with some of the Estudiantina de Alamos members. (See video below)
Stephanie's Party (1 of 1)-2 blog

As usual, our hands-on guide and party host, Stephen Bernier
(President of South of the Border Tours — above center)
was doing his “Eveready” battery impersonation — he ass constantly on the move.
Stephanie's Party (1 of 1)-4 blog

Good conversation and plenty to drink, of course.Stephanie's Party (1 of 1)-3 blogSpephanie and her help made sure there was plenty of tasty food.
— Images by kenne

Ronstadt Generations — Americano Song Video by kenne

Rafael Figueroa Ju, Alamos, Sonora   5 comments

Rafael Figueroa Ju (1 of 1)-2 blogRafael Figueroa Ju, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico — Image by kenne

One afternoon while in Alamos we all met where Tucson’s Ronstadt Generations was staying to listen to a fabulous seventy-five year old harmonica player, Rafael Figueroa Ju. His appearance was a beautiful example of organized spontaneity.

Video of Rafael Figueroa  Ju by kenne (January 27, 2016 in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico)

Alamos Street Dog   1 comment

Alamos Dog (1 of 1)_art blogAlamos Street Dog — Computer Art by kenne

On early morning walks
down the narrow
streets of Alamos

I saw the street dog
patiently waiting by the door
seeming to know her place,
her sad eyes
piercing my soul
occasionally lifting her ears
to my enter thoughts,

looking away lost in longing —
I wanted to reinvent the moment
opening her prison door.

— kenne

Resort Cat Relaxing By The Pool   Leave a comment

Relaxing by the Pool at the Hacienda de los Santos Resort and Spa in Alamos, Sonora — Images by kenne

Lucky resort cat

strolls through the hacienda

sharing the grandeur

— kenne

Mayo Woman   4 comments

Taco Woman (1 of 1)-2 Grunge Art blogMayo Woman in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico — Grunge Art by kenne

You inhabit
endless days
in no room
by the wood burning
barrel stove

To know
the old traditions
making tacos
not just any taco —
garbanzo bean
tortilla tacos

Seeing faces
passing in the clouds
as hands touch
with casual certainty
the heat of the fire

— kenne

Hacienda de los Santos In Alamos, Sonora   2 comments

Santos Entrance 2 (1 of 1) blogHacienda de los Santos Entrance — Images by kenne

Jim and Nancy Swickard purchased the 300-year-old Hacienda in 1989 and renovation became their obsession. Along with daughter Jamie, her husband Ramon their devotion to details has helped create a truly luxurious hideaway with a genuine flavor of Old Mexico. Without question, Hacienda de los Santos is the crown jewel of Alamos, one of Mexico’s most splendid colonial cities. Once you enter this colonial village, you’ll experience the feeling of a different age, the romanticism of Spain and the sweetness of Old Mexico.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Santos (1 of 1)-4 blog


Ode On A Floor Lamp   Leave a comment

Alamos Trip_2016 01 25_1053  grunge art II blogFloor Lamp — Grunge Art by kenne

Alone on the terrace
as flame
to my lonely lamp
fades to the courtyard light —
Santos crimson cushions
await our conversation
as oil and honey 
to the throat
“thou still unravish’d
bride of quietness”.

— kenne

Partying In Guaymas, Sonora   1 comment

Our overnight stay on the way to Alamos for the 32nd Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Music Festival was at the Playa  de Cortes on the Sea of Cortes where we partied with our fellow travelers out of Tucson, Ronstadt Generations — Representing multi generations in North America, Ronstadt Generations continues the family’s musical traditions with Michael J. Ronstadt (younger brother of Linda) and his son Petie; a multi-instrumentalist and solid solo performers in his own right. They along with veteran musician, Alex Flores and present an exciting repertoire that preserves the traditional Southwestern and Mexican songs of their heritage with beautiful harmonies sung in English and Spanish. (I will be posting videos later.)

Alamos Trip_2016 01 24_1069 blog framedPartying In Guaymas, Sonora with Ronstadt Generations (January 24, 2016) — Images by kenne

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Alamos Trip_2016 01 24_1064 blog framedSeaside at Playa de Cortes on the Sea of Cortes


Templo — Plaza de Armas   1 comment

Alamos Trip_2016 01 25_1059 church_blogTemplo — Plaza de Armas, Alamos, Sonora — Image by kenne


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