Partying In Guaymas, Sonora   1 comment

Our overnight stay on the way to Alamos for the 32nd Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Music Festival was at the Playa  de Cortes on the Sea of Cortes where we partied with our fellow travelers out of Tucson, Ronstadt Generations — Representing multi generations in North America, Ronstadt Generations continues the family’s musical traditions with Michael J. Ronstadt (younger brother of Linda) and his son Petie; a multi-instrumentalist and solid solo performers in his own right. They along with veteran musician, Alex Flores and present an exciting repertoire that preserves the traditional Southwestern and Mexican songs of their heritage with beautiful harmonies sung in English and Spanish. (I will be posting videos later.)

Alamos Trip_2016 01 24_1069 blog framedPartying In Guaymas, Sonora with Ronstadt Generations (January 24, 2016) — Images by kenne

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Alamos Trip_2016 01 24_1064 blog framedSeaside at Playa de Cortes on the Sea of Cortes


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  1. time for a blue moon

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