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The Morning Is Bright   2 comments

Alamos Street (1 of 1)_painting II blogThe Morning is Bright — Computer Painting by kenne

The morning is bright,

listen to soft voices

full of light and gentle.

It is thoughtfulness

of eternal morning

full of secrets captive

in each heart and soul.

With the morning sun

our cares pass as

for a moment we

become more childlike

dripping memories

in the fountain of life.

— kenne


Alamos Street Dog — just perro   4 comments

Street Dog (1 of 1)-2 B&W Grunge blogAlamos Street Dog — Grunge Art by kenne

I watched her 


in a sunny

morning way.

I took her


another one

as people 

walked by.

I wondered

if she had

a name.

Probably not,

street dogs

don’t have 

names —

just perro, 

perro callejero.

— kenne

Alamos Street Dog   1 comment

Alamos Dog (1 of 1)_art blogAlamos Street Dog — Computer Art by kenne

On early morning walks
down the narrow
streets of Alamos

I saw the street dog
patiently waiting by the door
seeming to know her place,
her sad eyes
piercing my soul
occasionally lifting her ears
to my enter thoughts,

looking away lost in longing —
I wanted to reinvent the moment
opening her prison door.

— kenne

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