Katie’s Pen & Ink Drawings   4 comments

kate-profile-8377Kate may have an MBA from the academic world, her work may be in the analytical world, but her real world may lie in the world of art. Since Katie and I are both on Facebook, the other day she wrote on my wall: “Dad have you been looking at my pen and ink drawings I have been posting? They are under my photos :-)” Here are some examples of what I found, and of course, I like them.





Posted February 18, 2009 by kenneturner in Art

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4 responses to “Katie’s Pen & Ink Drawings

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  1. Not an expert but I think I have potential! :o)


  2. Trying not to express a personal bias, rather express an excellent eye for impressive art, I also think you do. Either way, just keep doing it!


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  4. Katie is very talented. Love her art!


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