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Our Life With Kiko   Leave a comment

KikoKiko (May 1992 – December 2008) — Abstract Art by kenne

Our life with Kiko
Ever present and talking
Many years of love.

Kika took his place
Four and a half years of love
a void still not filled.

Our eyes would connect
Sharing and interbeing
Connected for life.

— kenne

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The Blues Is In The Air   Leave a comment

music-explosion-bluetone-blog-art“The Blues Is In the Air” — Computer Art by kenne

. . . somewhere around the bend

Do you hear it?
See it coming?
somewhere around the bend.

as on Kiko feet
somewhere around the bend.

Cat whispers
peacefully moving the trees
longing to be heard,
somewhere around the bend.

Is it real?
Or only a hypnotic beat,
of the dark rhythm,
somewhere around the bend.

So soothing, so real,
let mesmerizing,
creating visions of hope,
somewhere around the bend.

Listen to the stories
without them
life is pointless,
somewhere around the bend.

See it?
Not if you don’t feel it
linking the mind’s destination,
somewhere around the bend.

So, relax,
come with me,
catch the blue train,
somewhere around the bend.

Time’s wasting,
Don’t hesitate!
Opportunity is on the move,
somewhere around the bend.

If you feel it
you can see it
in the mind’s eye,
somewhere around the bend.

So, catch the blue train,
ride the edge,
see tomorrow’s vision,
somewhere around the bend.

a blues riff,
Coltrane changes,
somewhere around the bend.

Face to face with humanity,
going all the way
to the end of the track,
somewhere around the bend.

Forget the plans
of broken dreams,
seek the truth,
somewhere around the bend.

Smokes rising
signaling a change,
if you are riding
The last train to Clarksville…




somewhere around the bend.



Zen Fountain Project — Revisited   1 comment

Zen Fountain1 blog

Recently I received a comment on a July 11, 2008 posting, “Our Zen Fountain”.
The writer wanted to know where I got the supplies. The concrete pieces
were made in Mexico, but it has now been eight years
since the project, so I no longer have specific information.

Zen Fountain-3 blog

The inquiry brought back memories of this work of love.
As I wrote at the time, we waited six weeks for the final concrete piece.

The location of the fountain is near of deck
under a canopy of pine and crape myrtle trees,
which made for a beautiful setting.

Zen Fountain-2 blogImages by kenne

Soon after completing the project, Kiko our 17 year old cat died.
We buried him in the fountain landscape area making the Zen Fountain
a memorial fountain for Kiko.

This project was my favorite landscape project ever.
Two years later we move from The Woodlands, Texas
to Tucson where we have a patio fountain,
but no fountain will replace this very special fountain —
“Our Zen Fountain”.

— kenne

Project Photos on Flickr

Elusive Kiko   2 comments

KikoArtFrame blogElusive Kiko — Image by kenne

C hanging with each turn

A lways dancing in my dreams

T ricky to the end.

— kenne

Abstract Art — A Cat Of Many Colors Over The World’s Rim   Leave a comment

Kiko Abstract Art blog IIA Cat of Many Colors Over The Would’s Rim — Image by kenne

Over the World’s Rim

Over the world’s rim, drawing bland November
Reluctant behind them, drawing the moons of cold:
What do their lonely voices wake to remember
In this dust ere ’twas flesh? what restless old

Dream a thousand years was safely sleeping 
Wakes my blood to sharp unease? what horn
Rings out to them? Was I free once, sweeping
Their Ewild and lonely skies ere I was born?

The hand that shaped my body, that gave me vision,
Made me a slave to clay for a fee of breath.
Sweep on, O wild and lonely: mine the derision,
Then the splendor and speed, the cleanness of death.

Over the world’s rim, out of some splendid noon,
Seeking some high desire, and not in vain,
They fill and empty the red and dying moon
And, crying, cross the rim of the world again.

— William Faulkner

Los Lobos “Kiko and the Lavender Moon” — A Great Band, A Great Cat   3 comments

Los Lobos “Kiko and the Lavender Moon” from Bruce Ashley on Vimeo.

Kiko was an extraordinary cat

existing in a shade of purple

never a lady

he moved with grace

in a lavender world

of my dreams.

— kenne

Cat In Mountain Cabin Window Fantasy   Leave a comment

. . . a continuation from a earlier posting.

Cat In Mountain Cabin Window
(The last three verses.)

She dreams of walking roof lines

In her world of twisted colors

Turning one against the other

Jumping and swatting her muses


Locked in her dark world inside

Outside is her fantasy

Avoiding real world monsters

While sitting in her cabin


Dreaming about green shoes

Hairbrushes and pink ice-cream dishes

Then wishingthe world away

Kneeling to dream, dream and pray

(The last verse paraphrases Los Lobos’ “Kiko And The Lavender Moon”)






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