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A Chocolate Milkshake Brings Back Memories — For The Moment!   Leave a comment

Image by joy

When I was a kid, one of my biggest treats was a chocolate milkshake — not because I loved sweets, but because it was so rare. While in Oceanside last week, we had lunch at a 50’s style restaurant known for its shakes and hamburgers. Since having a milkshake  is still rare, I ordered one for old-times sake — it was very tasty! Knowing my having a milkshake is so not me, Joy and Jeri insisted on getting a picture — this posting is for them.

To shake or not to shake? Boozed-infused milkshakes could help me answer the question! (See Related Articles link below.)



Cat In Mountain Cabin Window Fantasy   Leave a comment

. . . a continuation from a earlier posting.

Cat In Mountain Cabin Window
(The last three verses.)

She dreams of walking roof lines

In her world of twisted colors

Turning one against the other

Jumping and swatting her muses


Locked in her dark world inside

Outside is her fantasy

Avoiding real world monsters

While sitting in her cabin


Dreaming about green shoes

Hairbrushes and pink ice-cream dishes

Then wishingthe world away

Kneeling to dream, dream and pray

(The last verse paraphrases Los Lobos’ “Kiko And The Lavender Moon”)






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