The Utility Room Door Is Now Closed   1 comment


(kenne, Kiko, Joy and Chase — 2005)

This posting was written December 27, 2008 and was saved as a draft around the time Kiko passed away.
Now, it’s no longer a draft.

He was in my shadow network
Stopping when I stopped
Playing when I played
Sleeping when I slept
Always by my side.
When he danced, I would dance
But never in lock-step,
Only to the rhythm of shared music.
With each dance, he took my heart
Building a crescendo of love.
Now the music is silent
As I move in darkness
No shadow at my feet
Only fallen tears of memories
Keeping me close to his ways.
But, darkness will not last
For his name is the password
To the ways of love
And the light of the lavender moon
That will always spawn his shadow.

This was written for Kiko, who shared the name with a lavender moon. No other animal can replace him,
only the emptiness in our being, which demands unity and connection. Now I turn to “Fish” to maintain
a link to life beyond my bowl. For now, the utility room door is closed – “Kiko has left the house!”

— kenne

Kiko As A Kitten

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