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Art Is An Agent Of Empathy   Leave a comment

Trail Near Panther Peak-Edit-4-art-2-blog.jpgSaguaro Nation Park-West — Photo-Artistry by kenne

art is an agent of empathy
a gateway to emotional connection
an act of sharing
to meet others
on the same road of life.

— kenne


Attention All Bloggers Out There . . .   5 comments

. . . you will recognize yourself, for sure!


In the November 5, 2006 Sunday comics, Joy cut this cartoon out and gave it to me. (I still have it.)

At the time I had blogged for about 2 years, of course, this was how she saw me and still does — I wonder why??!!

I blog, we all blog,

cause we have so much to share

with the universe.


Kiko – May He Rest In Peace   8 comments


Kiko and the Lavender Moon — May 1992 to December 2008

In May of 1992, Katie and David gave us Kiko, a half-breed Siamese and Himalayan, but mostly Siamese in personality.  For sixteen years, eight months, we were his equal, sharing his life and his home.  Now he is gone, leaving us his home, his love, while taking only what was his – well, not meaning to, he took a lot of our love. What made Kiko so special was his uncanny ability to share space without being in your face.  He never wanted to be on us, but with us.  If I was sitting on a bar stole, he would be sitting on the stole next to me. He knew how to share – our bed was his, unless we were in it.yard-photos-3860-kiko-web

The last year and half was difficult for Kiko.  My attention to his every move was more on alert, as can be witnessed by three blog entries over a five month period. (Post note: these entries no longer exist since they on my old 360 Yahoo blog, which Yahoo has taken down.)

Kiko, Entry for August 02, 2007
Not of a Clower, Entry for November 24, 2007
The Warmth of The Sun, Entry for December 10, 2007

Visits to the Vet became routine, always talking to everyone and calmly staying on the reception counter as I took care of business. He was secure in my presence, and he always will be in ours.

“Nobody can see
And then he waits
And then he fakes
And then he bends
And then he shakes
He plays and plays
Still playing till he
Goes off to sleep”


Kiko has a place next to the Zen fountain. I think I knew that when creating this special place in our yard near the deck, his favorite place outside.

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