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First Time Fishing   4 comments

Fishing From the Boat Dock — Photo-Artistry by kenne

No bait,
only a bullet weight 

on the end of the line — 
does it really
matter to the boy?

A quiet boy
in a world
all his own
where silence
creates inwardness.

He was six
when this
was taken all
those years ago.

It’s easy to
wonder what he
was thinking —

‘what’ doesn’t matter
for they were pure.

It is these
sliced out of time —
melancholy with
all its charms.

Moments exist,

everything in life
would all happen
at once.

By watching and
connecting with
everything around me,
I have become a
connoisseur of empathy.

— kenne

Art Is An Agent Of Empathy   Leave a comment

Trail Near Panther Peak-Edit-4-art-2-blog.jpgSaguaro Nation Park-West — Photo-Artistry by kenne

art is an agent of empathy
a gateway to emotional connection
an act of sharing
to meet others
on the same road of life.

— kenne


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