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Zen Fountain in The Woodlands   3 comments

Zen Fountain In The Yard of Our The Woodlands Home (May 2010) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Our yard had a lot of me
in the plants, lighting, and
the fountain where we
buried our cat, Kiko.

And there was the sweat
from the gulf coast heat,
digging through roots to
place the water reservoir.

The photo for this painting
was taken weeks before 
we left our east Texas home,
for a Tucson desert home.

Our friends and family
called us crazy for
the piney woods for a new
home sixteen hours away.

We return to Houston a
couple times each year,
having driven by our old
home only once, not

stopping, afraid of what
we might see of the old
Zen fountain and landscape
we created with love.

— kenne

Our Zen Fountain — July 11, 2008   5 comments

(First Posted July 11, 2008)Zen Fountain


The Water Flows

It’s hard for me to believe that it was six weeks ago
when I ordered the materials and began the preliminary
preparation for a fountain in our backyard.
There are many reasons why so long,
not the least of which was the delayed delivery of
the fountain pedestal, which finally can in yesterday.  

By working with nature, you can look into your own nature.

“The secret of life is enjoying
the passage of time
Any fool can do it”


(Project Photos)

Images by kenne

“Everybody is ‘you’. Everybody is ‘I’. That’s our name. We all share that.”

— Alan Watts

Zen Fountain Project — Revisited   1 comment

Zen Fountain1 blog

Recently I received a comment on a July 11, 2008 posting, “Our Zen Fountain”.
The writer wanted to know where I got the supplies. The concrete pieces
were made in Mexico, but it has now been eight years
since the project, so I no longer have specific information.

Zen Fountain-3 blog

The inquiry brought back memories of this work of love.
As I wrote at the time, we waited six weeks for the final concrete piece.

The location of the fountain is near of deck
under a canopy of pine and crape myrtle trees,
which made for a beautiful setting.

Zen Fountain-2 blogImages by kenne

Soon after completing the project, Kiko our 17 year old cat died.
We buried him in the fountain landscape area making the Zen Fountain
a memorial fountain for Kiko.

This project was my favorite landscape project ever.
Two years later we move from The Woodlands, Texas
to Tucson where we have a patio fountain,
but no fountain will replace this very special fountain —
“Our Zen Fountain”.

— kenne

Project Photos on Flickr

A Zen Night In The Woods   Leave a comment

Fountain @ Night“A Zen Night In The Woods” — Image by kenne

darkness and colors

capturing the lantern light

create a Zen night

— kenne

Kiko – May He Rest In Peace   8 comments


Kiko and the Lavender Moon — May 1992 to December 2008

In May of 1992, Katie and David gave us Kiko, a half-breed Siamese and Himalayan, but mostly Siamese in personality.  For sixteen years, eight months, we were his equal, sharing his life and his home.  Now he is gone, leaving us his home, his love, while taking only what was his – well, not meaning to, he took a lot of our love. What made Kiko so special was his uncanny ability to share space without being in your face.  He never wanted to be on us, but with us.  If I was sitting on a bar stole, he would be sitting on the stole next to me. He knew how to share – our bed was his, unless we were in it.yard-photos-3860-kiko-web

The last year and half was difficult for Kiko.  My attention to his every move was more on alert, as can be witnessed by three blog entries over a five month period. (Post note: these entries no longer exist since they on my old 360 Yahoo blog, which Yahoo has taken down.)

Kiko, Entry for August 02, 2007
Not of a Clower, Entry for November 24, 2007
The Warmth of The Sun, Entry for December 10, 2007

Visits to the Vet became routine, always talking to everyone and calmly staying on the reception counter as I took care of business. He was secure in my presence, and he always will be in ours.

“Nobody can see
And then he waits
And then he fakes
And then he bends
And then he shakes
He plays and plays
Still playing till he
Goes off to sleep”


Kiko has a place next to the Zen fountain. I think I knew that when creating this special place in our yard near the deck, his favorite place outside.

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Not Quite a Fountain Yet, June 20, 2008   1 comment

Not Quite a Fountain Yet

Most of the work on our new fountain is now completed. However, water running from one bowl to another has been delayed till the arrival of a custom padistal on which the smaller bowl will rest.

The fountain and the area around it has combined the harmonious less-is-more Zen design with the soothing effects of flowing water to create a powerful sense of tranquility and enlightenment. By placing the natural elements of stones and water, incorporating straight lines and round shapes, with an emphasis on harmonious spatial beauty, the Zen garden will provide a place of peace and tranquility. When completed the fountain will serve as a focal point, yet not overwhelm the area.

Once everything is completed, the Frog Band will have a Now & Zen concert for our friends.



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