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Morning   Leave a comment

Lake Woodlands Sunrise (1990) Image by kenne


Why do we bother with the rest of the day,
the swale of the afternoon,
the sudden dip into evening,

then  night with his notorious perfumes,
many-pointed stars?

This is the best—
throwing off the light covers,
feet on the cold floor,
and buzzing around the house on expresso—

maybe a slash of water on the face.

— from Morning by Billy Collins

Joy and Robin — A Memory Flashback   1 comment

Joy and Robin (Hannah, April 14, 2004) — Image by kenne
Been going through some old photos — it’s that time of year.

The Reader   Leave a comment

joy45sawmill-iii-art-blogThe Reader — Computer Art by kenne

Many things have changed
Not soon the reading to pass — 
Her pastime buddy.

— kenne

A Visitor In The Old Neighborhood   3 comments

The Woodlands Heron _2015 05 05_0632_edited-2 blogWe drove through Copperknoll, our old neighborhood in The Woodlands, Texas and spotted another visitor.
— Heron image by kenne (May 5, 2015)

I mozy, do you?
Long legs moving straight ahead,
Waddle side to side.

— kenne

I awaken in time . . .   Leave a comment

The Woodlands_2015 05 05_0636_edited-1Magnolia blogSouthern Magnoia Blossom — Image by kenne

I awaken in time for an

early morning run,

magnolia blossoms opening

in the muggy east Texas air

moving in from the gulf

pushed by squall lines

full of moisture dropping occasionally

as I ran the Kingwood streets

lined with excessively large homes

and yards carved carefully

out of the woods,

having created a tragedy

of what was home

for what was meant to be

before society

forgot what it means

to embrace existence

without creating

self-imposed angst

in an irrational universe –

I keep on running

and running

and running

and running

— kenne

“You Can’t See Main Street from Wall Street” — Six Years Out   1 comment

daves-crawfish-boil-6084-overlay-blogDave Pierce — Images & Video by kenne

daves-crawfish-boil-6090-blogApril 12, 2009 Dave had friends and family over for a crawfish boil, after which he played guitar and sang some of his songs.  One of the songs was the recently written, “You Can’t See Main Street from Wall Street.”

You can’t see Main Street from Wall Street, any more.
The wolves of Manhattan keep us Standards, Poor.
A trillion more dollars, just borrowed on time.
But who signed your name, on the long dotted line ?
(Click here to see Flickr photo set)

Photos Found, But Never Lost   3 comments

The Woodlands, Texas, October 10, 2004 — Images by kenne

After Virginia passed away this past April, I began going through photos to have in a video. I thought I had identified all family images with her, however, recently I was looking for an old document and discovered untitled images misfiled in a folder, “Master Plan ISD.”  I wonder how many others I may have misfiled. 

Lost Photos, Now Found

Not lost until they were found —

Found, but never lost.

— kenne

Four Years Out   3 comments

kenne-kika-joy-on-patio-arriving_20100621_1287-blog-ii 2014 framedKenne, Kika & Joy On Empty Patio (June 21, 2010)

Looking back on our move from The Woodlands, Texas to Tucson, I’m not sure which one of us may have experienced the most anxiety. One might think it would have been the cat, Kika (who passed away this past December), but Joy would probably argue that point. In many ways we have adjusted well to our new home, town and friends. 

Now we are starting our fifth year here, longer than most friends and family would have predicted, especially since Joy has not grown to love southern Arizona as I have — we may very well be considering a different five-year plan after this year. 

The four years we have lived here have allowed us to experience most of the things we took into consideration in making the decision to make the move: a new adventure, closer to Joy’s mother and siblings.  We are now moving into our fifth year in the Catalina Foothills, not yet knowing what will be driving our next five-year plan, which is why I share again the following poem, “Birthday.” The poem could have very easily been titled, “Life.”

Turned around,
Here am I.

Knowing how,
Not the why.

Never one to be,
Part of the pack

Keep following,
Wind at my back.

Young in heart,
Old in age.

Feeling the itch,
Pacing the cage.

Inner peace,
Knowing the thou.

Learning to write,
Thesis of now.

Turned around,
Found love.

Living the moment,
Free as a dove.

Still learning,
When to talk.

Listening for,
Beat of the walk.

Reality is now,
Truth in the heart.

Singing the knowledge,
Requiem to smart.

Turned around,
Found beauty in art.

Traveling the future,
With Dylan and Descartes.

Satisfying my wonderlust,
Following only the wind.

Traveling this earth,
With little left behind.

— kenne

Meltdown, Revisited   Leave a comment

Fountain ShotsMeltdown (First Posted October 30, 2008) — Image by kenne

Troglodytes can hide
Dismissing facts of the meltdown
Ignorance is dire.
— kenne

Shadows On Shadow Lake   Leave a comment

SHadows on The PathImage by kenne

“Pour the sun upon the ground
Stand to throw a shadow
Watch it grow into a night
And fill the spinnin’ sky.”

– townes van zandt – Highway Kind


Mother’s Mission Completed, We Celebrate Her Life   10 comments

Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Agnes. 

Willie Agnes Poe passed away (September 8, 2006) after three months of fighting post-surgery infection. During the last few weeks of Mother’s life, she shared stories of her childhood and often talked about playing with her close childhood friend, Fern.  (They remained close throughout life.)

“We had so much fun playing in the cemetery — Can you take me back to the cemetery on the hill?’ she would ask.  “I can see the man in black with a big black dog,” she would go on.

In her last days, the man in black visited her.  As we were talking, she looked straight ahead, “…see him, he is here!  Don’t you see him?”  Then she would turn and ask, “Can you bring me a big black dog?  I want a big dog!  Can you get one for me?”

“Yes, we can,” would be my reply,  We were making arrangements for Jill to bring one of their black labs by for Mother, just two days before she passed on.

On August 26, 2012, the family gathered in The Woodlands to celebrate the life of Willie Agnes Poe, which involved a brunch at Cru’ Wine Bar and a gathering at the pedestrian bridge over Grogan’s Mill Road.

After moving to The Woodlands in the mid-1980’s, Mother would walk the trails from her Grogan’s Landing apartment, which included the pedestrian bridge in a six-mile walk around the TPC golf course. Over time, Mother became functionally blind, limiting the trail walking, but not her walking. Early each morning she would spend a couple of hours walking back and forth over the pedestrian bridge. Our gathering at the bridge ended with a symbolic walk over Agnes’ bridge.

Why this celebration now? Because Mother had donated her body to the Texas Medical Center after her death, we didn’t have a family gathering to celebrate her life. It was our understanding that Mother’s ashes would be sent to us 2-3 years after her death. As it turned out, we didn’t receive her ashes till this past May.

Hall Cemetery

Several months after Mother’s death we got word that her brother, J.C. had died.  I knew immediately we were going to Alabama.   How I know just how important it was to bring closure to the Mother’s life. While in Alabama, Joy and I made a point of going to Lincoln, then two miles out to the country church and cemetery in Refuge.  She was always at her happiest when talking about her childhood in Alabama, even more so during her last days with us.  She always wanted to go back but knew she would only be able to in her vision of those childhood memories. It doesn’t go unnoted that with the importance of Hall Cemetery in Refuge, Alabama, Mother didn’t desire to be buried there. For her, a higher priority was to give her body to medicine.

While visiting Hall Cemetery, I wanted so to turn around and see two little girls playing in the cemetery on the hill – to see the man in black with the big dog – to hear them laughing, and see the joy when the big dog came running to the children.  Instead, Joy and I walked silently, on this sunny fall morning through the small cemetery on the hill, which now represents the burial-place of the last surviving member of the Confederate army. As fate would have it, as we walked through Hall Cemetery, a black dog appeared.

By making the journey to Hall Cemetery, I have for my life captured the feeling of two little girls laughing and playing in a world that never vanished from Mother’s vision of happiness.  Real or not, it was real for her – now it is real for me, and I might add, Joy.


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A Celebration Of Life

“When the child was a child, it didn’t know

It was a child

Everything for it was filled with life and all life was one

When the child, when the child

The child, child, child, child, child

And on and on and on and on, etc. And onward

With a sense of wonder

Upon the highest hill. Upon the highest hill

When the child was a child

Are you there

Shassas, shassas

Up on a highest hill

When the child was a child, was a child, was a child

Was a child, was a child, was a child, etc.

… and it’s still quivering there today”


from, Song of Being A Child

Music by Van Morrison, Words by Peter Handke

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Capturing the Moment — Smoke-filled Sky at Sunset   Leave a comment

Smoked-filled At Sunset In Montgomery Country, Texas — Image by Barbara Holland

Capturing the Moment — The Woodlands, Texas   1 comment

Morning Walk — Image by kenne

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Muddy Trails Bash 3k Run   4 comments

The Muddy Trails Bash (5k, 10k & kids fun run) started in Rob Fleming Park in The Woodlands Village of Creekside Park and ran through the George Mitchell Nature Preserve adjacent to the park. Normally a run at 5:30 p.m., in early April would be in cool, wet conditions. However, nothing has been normal about this year, so it shouldn’t have come to a surprise that we began the run in sunny, 85 degree weather, and instead of muddy trails along the creek side, the air was full of dust from hundreds of feet pounding the powdery trails.

Although I run/walk regularly, this was the first timed run I’ve entered since 1992, at which time I ran a five-mile leg of a marathon relay. This time I was running 3k with my son and daughter-in-law. As expected the heat was rough on my old body, however I seem not worse from the run. It was fun!


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Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch Celebrates its Third Anniversary   2 comments

Panther Creek Inspiration Ranch
“Horses Healing Children”


Located in The Woodlands, Texas, PCI Ranch is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization using horses to enhance the lives of disabled children and their families through equine-assisted therapy. Youth challenged by health disorders, such as: different types of paralysis, Down syndrome, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, autism, and cerebral atrophy can improve their posture, muscle tone, coordination, balance, sensory/motor development, as well as speech and language skills. By also focusing on the family, all members of the family unit benefit, which has an impact on the total health of the community.

In recognition of three years of serving disabled children and their families, you can spend an evening enjoying great barbeque and learn more about the work of PCI Ranch, 6:00 p.m., Saturday, December 5th. This celebration is being held at the August Pines Equestrian Center.

You can reserve your table or individual seat at or contacting Linda (713-302-3640)

Tables of 8

Blue Ribbon Table – $200.00/seat
Red Ribbon Table – $100.00/seat
Individuals – $50.00/seat

Of course, you can also contact me (281-298-1065) for additional information. Profits from this event will help support the Ranch and this much-needed committee activity in the north Houston area. If you will not be able to attend, your donation to the PCI Ranch will be most appreciated.  Please share this information with your friends.

Click here to download The Ranch Hand Fall Winter 2009 newletter.


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