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Meltdown, Revisited   Leave a comment

Fountain ShotsMeltdown (First Posted October 30, 2008) — Image by kenne

Troglodytes can hide
Dismissing facts of the meltdown
Ignorance is dire.
— kenne

Capturing the Moment — Meltdown, Revisited   Leave a comment

“Meltdown” – 2008 — image by kenne

It’s not always the object that is effected,
think mind!

Some are born to see things as the are in the moment,
think hot!


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Frontline’s “Inside the Meltdown”   Leave a comment

Tonight’s Frontline had a very informative report on what caused the current economic crisis, “Inside the Meltdown.” Click here to see it online.


Posted February 17, 2009 by kenneturner in Information

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