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Nogales Marketplace Shadows   2 comments

Nogales Marketplace Shadows — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Handmade crafts in dark passageways

Damn me not I make a better fool

Just killing time, not looking to buy

In the tourists’ area of Nogales, Sonora

Where a horde of voices and unwed girls

Keep trying to get my attention as I 

Think about a poem I will never write

Of delight that binds us from birth to death.

— kenne


Morning Shadows   Leave a comment

Morning Shadows In The Sonoran Desert — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Yes, the sun has risen again.
I can see the windows change and hear a dog barking.
The wind buckles the slender top of the alder,
the conversation of night birds hushes,
and I can hear my heart regular and strong.
I will live to see the day end as I lived to see
the earth turn molten and white, then to metal,
then to whatever shape we stamped into it
as we laughed the long night hours away
or sang how the eagle flies on Friday.
When Friday came, the early hours perfect
and cold,
we cursed our only lives
and passed the bottle back and forth.

— from One Day by Philip Levine

Sunlight and Shadows   1 comment

Sunlight and Shadows — Images by kenne

I walk in the morning sunlight
or is it in the morning shadows
you choose the perspective.

A bird crosses my path
disappearing in the shadows
only to quickly fly away.

I perceived each morning walk
with reference to a particular frame
where “same” events are not the same.

— kenne



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