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Nogales Marketplace Shadows   2 comments

Nogales Marketplace Shadows — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Handmade crafts in dark passageways

Damn me not I make a better fool

Just killing time, not looking to buy

In the tourists’ area of Nogales, Sonora

Where a horde of voices and unwed girls

Keep trying to get my attention as I 

Think about a poem I will never write

Of delight that binds us from birth to death.

— kenne


Shopping In Nogales   Leave a comment

Shopping in Nogales — Photo-Artistry by kenne

A walk through the shops

You can find most anything

Very organic.

— kenne

Nogales Art Wall   Leave a comment

Nogales Art Wall — Photo-Artistry by kenne

A Special for You

Bright colors for sell
Cheap art hinging from the wall
Tourists walk on by

“I give you good deal”
A voice from behind the wall
“A special for you”

— kenne

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Do We Really Need The Wall?   Leave a comment

Nogales, Arizona — Image by kenne

The great walls of the world are now no more than tourist attractions.

Ask yourself why?

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Death   Leave a comment

Nogales“Death” — Photo-Artistry by kenne

His eyes did not close
When he saw the horns near,
But the terrible mothers
Lifted their heads.
And across the ranches
Went a breath of secret voices
By which the herdsmen of the pallid mist
Called to their heavenly bulls.

— from Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias by Federico García Lorca



Cattle Skulls   Leave a comment

NogalesCattle Skulls, Nogales, Sonora– Photo-Artistry by kenne

As I have not worried to be born, I do not worry to die.

— Federico García Lorca

Hiker   Leave a comment

Sunset Hiker-9501 Painting blog IIHiker — Computer Painting by kenne

Boots stir the trail dust
the morning you know,

shadows fashion the ground
soon to be abandoned.

She leads us into the, 
a hiking we will go.

Others follow her shadows
bright sunlight in their eyes,

the trail edges glow
a sun lit boardwalk.

In this land of the past
Spanish wagons kept coming

building a place of worship
near the Santa Cruz,

Tumacácori up river
from Nogales — I believe.

This is my new land
in the land of old

where hiking
is my past time.

Is this world real,
or a reflection of dreams

on the shadow side 
of nature’s spirit

not blind to the worth
of this wonderful gift.

— kenne



Alamos, Sonora Trip — Tucson to Guaymas   3 comments

The trip began at 7:30 am after loading up the South of the Border Tours motorcoach in the SARA parking lot near Sabino Canyon, stopping to pick up Gloria Giffords in South Tucson and guide Greg Scott in Nogales. Our tour leader and bus driver for the next six days was Stephen Bernier, president of South of the Border Tours.

Throughout the trip to Alamos, which was during the 32nd Music Festival Alfonso Ortiz, Greg was our cultural interpreter/guide and Gloria, art conservator and historian, specializing in Spanish colonial art and architecture shared her knowledge and experience, as well as her love for pleine-air painting.

Once in Alamos, Stephanie Meyer, resident, field trained biologist, birder  and longtime guide for Stephen’a Alamos tours, shared her knowledge and interpretation of Mexico’s mestizo and indigenous cultures.

Traveling with us and preforming several times throughout the trip was the Ronstadt Generations (Michael Ronstadt, Petie Ronstadt and Alex Flores) who presented an exciting repertoire of traditional and new Southwestern and Mexican songs of their heritage with beautiful harmonies sung in English and Spanish.

I have over 400 photos and several videos I will be sharing, some on this blog, but most will be linked to my Flickr account. If you are interested in receiving an email on future posting, click Follow Becoming is Superior to Being. (You can scroll down all the postings by clicking on the blog page header.)

Images by kenne
(Click on any of the tiled images to see a larger view in a slideshow format.)

Nogales Sonora Mercado   Leave a comment

NogalesNogales Sonora Mercado — Computer Art by kenne

O’Keeffe captured
The steer’s mystical power
Over the southwest.

Death is good for us
Which many seek to embrace
A Zen kind of thing.

The skull of two horns
Guard over empty openings
To our secret soul.

— kenne

Hiking The de Anza Trail Between Tubac and Tumacacori, Arizona   9 comments

Sunset-9501 blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9511_edit blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9521 blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9523 blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9522 blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9524 blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9526 blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9527 blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9528 blog

deAnza Trail 2014-9529 blogHiking the de Anza Trail between Tubac and Tumacacori, Arizona, 20 miles north of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico — Images by kenne.


Shadows In The Marketplace   2 comments

NogalesShadows In The Marketplace (Joy In Nogales, Sonora)– Image by kenne

Shopping In Nogales, Sonora   4 comments


NogalesImages by kenne

Mission San José de Tumacácori   6 comments

Ruins of the Franciscan church at Mission San José de Tumacácori — Images by kenne

Last Wednesday we went to Nogales, Sonora and Patagonia and Sonoita in southern Arizona. Along the way, we visited the Mission San José de Tumacácori. Father Eusebio Francisco Kino established the mission in January, 1692. Originally called San Cayetano de Tumacácori, the mission was established at an existing native O’odham or Sobaipuri settlement on the east side of the river. After the Pima rebellion of 1751, the mission was moved to the present site on the west side of the Santa Cruz river and renamed San José de Tumacácori. Preservation and stabilization efforts began in 1908 when the area was declared a National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt and continue today.


(Click on any of the photo thumbnails to see large view.)


Don’t Fence Me In!   10 comments

Nogales, Arizona & Nogales, Sonora — Image by kenne

“In a lifetime of crossing borders I find this pitiless fence the oddest frontier I have ever seen —
more formal than the Berlin Wall, more brutal than the Great Wall of China,
yet in its way just as much an example of the same folie de grandeur.
Built just six months ago, this towering, seemingly endless row of vertical steel beams
is so amazing in its conceit you either want to see more of it, or else run in the opposite direction —
just the sort of conflicting emotions many people feel when confronted with a peculiar piece of art.”

—  Paul Theroux, Ny Times, “The Country Just Over the Fence”

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