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Shopping In Nogales, Sonora   4 comments


NogalesImages by kenne

Don’t Fence Me In!   10 comments

Nogales, Arizona & Nogales, Sonora — Image by kenne

“In a lifetime of crossing borders I find this pitiless fence the oddest frontier I have ever seen —
more formal than the Berlin Wall, more brutal than the Great Wall of China,
yet in its way just as much an example of the same folie de grandeur.
Built just six months ago, this towering, seemingly endless row of vertical steel beams
is so amazing in its conceit you either want to see more of it, or else run in the opposite direction —
just the sort of conflicting emotions many people feel when confronted with a peculiar piece of art.”

—  Paul Theroux, Ny Times, “The Country Just Over the Fence”

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