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Sonoita Country   2 comments

SonoitaSonoita Country —  Photo-Artistry by kenne

Rolling countryside
In a high desert plateau
Great vineyard country.

Picturesque highways
A short drive down from Tucson
Windmills in the sky.

A birders haven
Towering cottonwood trees
Bring your camera.

Traveled in years past
by Native Americans
And Father Kino.

— kenne

The Village of Elgin, Wine, Beer and Whiskey   Leave a comment

The Village of Elgin Wine Tasting Room — Images by kenne

Late morning
Driving scenic
HWY 83
To southern
Wine country
Fast adding
Craft beer
And whiskey
In Elgin,
Population 180.
Not our first time
Driving down
From Tucson
To to sample
The award
Beer and
While enjoying
The rolling slopes
Of the high desert
At the base of the
Santa Rita and
Empire Mountains.

— kenne

Southeast Arizona Wine Country   5 comments

Arizona Wine Country-1893 blog.jpgView from the Kief-Joshua Vineyards Located in Elgin, Arizona — Image by kenne

High desert climate
Hot, dry days and cool dry nights
On windblown prairies.

— kenne

Cowboy Silhouette   4 comments

Cowboy Silhouette — Image by kenne

Sonoita, Arizona — Cowboy, Poet And Wine Country   Leave a comment

Hyw 83 2013-8149 blog

Hyw 83 2013-8151 blog

Hyw 83 2013-8153 blog

Hyw 83 2013-8152 art blogSonoita, Arizona Wine Country — Images by kenne

Faster Horses (Cowboy And The Poet) — Tom T. Hall 

He was an old time cowboy don’t you understand

His eyes were sharp as razor blades his face was leather tanned

His toes were pointed inward from a hangin’ on a horse

He was an old philosopher of course

He was so thin I swear you could have used him for a whip

He had to drink a beer to keep his breeches on his hips

I knew I had to ask him about the mysteries of life

He spat between his boots and he replied

It’s faster horses younger women older whiskey more money

He smiled and all his teeth were covered with tobacco stains

He said it don’t do men no good to pray for peace and rain

Peace and rain is just a way to say prosperity

And buffalo chips is all that means to me

I told him I was a poet I was lookin’ for the truth

I do not care for horses whiskey women or the loot

I said I was a writer my soul was all on fire

He looked at me and he said you are a liar

Son it’s faster horses younger women older whiskey more money

Well I was disillusioned if I say the least

I grabbed him by the collar and I jerked him to his feet

There was somethin’ cold and shiny laying by my head

So I started to believe the things he said

Well my poet days’re over and I’m back to bein’ me

As I enjoy the peace and comfort of reality

If my boy ever asks me what it is that I have learned I think that I will readily affirm

Son it’s faster horses younger women older whiskey more money

Faster horses younger women older whiskey more money

Faster horses younger women older whiskey more money

It’s faster horses younger women older whiskey more money

Mission San José de Tumacácori   6 comments

Ruins of the Franciscan church at Mission San José de Tumacácori — Images by kenne

Last Wednesday we went to Nogales, Sonora and Patagonia and Sonoita in southern Arizona. Along the way, we visited the Mission San José de Tumacácori. Father Eusebio Francisco Kino established the mission in January, 1692. Originally called San Cayetano de Tumacácori, the mission was established at an existing native O’odham or Sobaipuri settlement on the east side of the river. After the Pima rebellion of 1751, the mission was moved to the present site on the west side of the Santa Cruz river and renamed San José de Tumacácori. Preservation and stabilization efforts began in 1908 when the area was declared a National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt and continue today.


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