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Toward the Treasure of the Grain   Leave a comment

 Southwestern Prickly Poppy-1891 blogWhite Prickly Poppies Have A Natural Crinked Look (Near a High Desert Highway)– Image by kenne



for the gifts

of the earth,

the capital’s

abundant curves,

or the purple


of wisdom,


taught me

to be an American,

you lifted my eyes

to books,


the treasure

of the grain:

broad poet,

across the


of the plains,

you made me see

the high mountain

as my guardian.

Out of the subterranean


you collected


for me,

everything that grew,

you gathered the harvest

galloping through the alfalfa,

cut the poppies for me,

followed the rivers

to arrive in the kitchen

by afternoon.

— from Ode to Walt Whitman by Pablo Neruda

The Village of Elgin, Wine, Beer and Whiskey   Leave a comment

The Village of Elgin Wine Tasting Room — Images by kenne

Late morning
Driving scenic
HWY 83
To southern
Wine country
Fast adding
Craft beer
And whiskey
In Elgin,
Population 180.
Not our first time
Driving down
From Tucson
To to sample
The award
Beer and
While enjoying
The rolling slopes
Of the high desert
At the base of the
Santa Rita and
Empire Mountains.

— kenne

Southeast Arizona Wine Country   5 comments

Arizona Wine Country-1893 blog.jpgView from the Kief-Joshua Vineyards Located in Elgin, Arizona — Image by kenne

High desert climate
Hot, dry days and cool dry nights
On windblown prairies.

— kenne

Arizona Wine Country   Leave a comment

James & FamilyArizona Wine Country — Computer Art by kenne

Vineyards grace grasslands
Surrounded by rolling hills —
Wines and copper mines.

— kenne

Sabino Canyon Sunrise   Leave a comment

sunrise-1-of-1-7-blog ISabino Canyon Sunrise — Image by kenne

We are part of the universe,
we have the essence of the earth in our bones,
oceans in our blood and stars in our mind’s
desire to reach out and be more.

— Casey Kochmer

National Public Lands Day — Before and After   2 comments

invasive-plants-1-of-1-pappas-grass-before-blogBefore Image by kenne

This is a before snapshot of soft feather pappus grass in and area where Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists (SCVN)would be removing invasive plants. Our focus would be to clear this area where we teach elementary children about nature, October through April.

pappus-grass-after-blogAfter Image by kenne

This after image illustrates how effective invasive plants are at crowding out native plants.

diamondback-blogRattlesnake Image by kenne

Removing invasive plants requires a lot of caution, keeping an eye out for rattlesnakes. There is a western diamondback rattlesnake in this image, which is a good example of how well the blend into grass. The snake is coiled center-right in this image.

The Purpose Of Life . . .   4 comments

Arizona Wine Country

Arizona Wine Country — Image by kenne

“The purpose of life is not to be happy.

It is to be useful,

to be honorable,

to be compassionate,

to have it make some difference

that you have lived and lived well.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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