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A Christmas Dragonfly   2 comments

Sabino Canyon August 7 2013Red-tailed Pennant Dragonfly (Male) — Image by kenne

I’m not a dragonfly expert, so I’m ready to be corrected. After researching southern Arizona dragonfly images, this is my best guess. Regardless, this guy makes for a nice Christmas dragonfly.

— kenne


Flame Skimmer Dragonfly   2 comments

Flame Skimmer-Edit-2-blogFlame Skimmer Dragonfly — Image by kenne

Fly, Dragonfly!

Water nymph, you have
climbed from the shallows to don
your dragon-colors.
Perched on a reed stem
all night, shedding your skin, you dry
your wings in moonlight.

Night melts into day.
Swift birds wait to snap you up.
Fly, dragonfly! Fly!


Dragonflies   2 comments

emporer-dragonflies-mating-1-of-1-ii-blogDragonflies — Image by kenne

What is it about a work of art, even when it is bought and sold in the market, that makes us distinguish it from . . . pure commodities? A work of art is a gift, not a commodity. . . works of art exist simultaneously in two “economies”, a market economy and a gift economy. Only one of these is essential, however: a work of art can survive without the market, but where there is no gift, there is no art.

— Lewis Hyde

The Dragonfly And The Fence — A Twisted Pair   7 comments

Sweetwater 09-21-13-8071-2 blog“Twisted Wire Dragonfly” — Image by kenne


Dragonflies abound
in the desert wetlands,
often landing
on cattail blades,
captured by photographers
painted by painters
for sale in shops named
“Cattails and Dragonflies.

One of life’s
enticing combos,
inspiring poets
and mythmakers
over the relationship
existing by the water
as if it were
an unbreakable bond.

What then of
the dragonfly that
rests its two pair
on a fence
of twisted pair
that separates
the desert from
desert wetlands.

Was this a case
of mistaken identity?
Not likely, with eyes
of a hundred lenses,
so was it a
“one-night stand”
brief act infidelity,
or a “middle-age crisis?

  — kenne


Path Of The Dragonfly   1 comment

Sweetwater 09-21-13-7998 blogDragonfly Image By kenne

“All paths lead nowhere, so it is important to choose a path that has heart”

— Carlos Castaneda


Dragonfly Computer Painting   Leave a comment

Sweetwater 9-21-13-8004 dragonfly art blogDragonfly Photoshop Painting — Image by kenne

Capturing The Moment — Dragonflys, Samurai Of The Desert   5 comments

Mt. Lemmon SCVN September 2013-8005 blog

Mt. Lemmon SCVN September 2013-8018 blog

Mt. Lemmon SCVN September 2013-8021 blog

Mt. Lemmon SCVN September 2013-8023 blogImages by kenne


Although most of your species
are found in the tropics,
it’s a joy to find you near water
in the Sonoran desert with
your inspiring flight.

When I see you up close, I think,
What big eyes you have?”
360 degree vision,

two sets of wings, 
and a reverse gear – WOW!

An ability to seek out water
and adapt with dramatic ease,
the desert doesn’t stop you
from living life to the fullest –
always living in the moment.

You are an agent of change,
controlling your every movement,
whether on water, land or air
with such speed
and purity of movement.

No wonder the Samurai see you,
a symbol of power, agility and victory.
Knowing that your life may be short,
you have a great sense of self-awareness,
living life as the great dragonfly you are. 

“You are prepared from your head to your toe,
you are so ready, you are ready to go,
you can be part of this fabulous thing,
do what you do, my friend,
and bring what you being, oh”


Sweetwater 9-21-13-8027 blog

Sweetwater 9-21-13-8032 blogImages by kenne

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