The Dragonfly And The Fence — A Twisted Pair   7 comments

Sweetwater 09-21-13-8071-2 blog“Twisted Wire Dragonfly” — Image by kenne


Dragonflies abound
in the desert wetlands,
often landing
on cattail blades,
captured by photographers
painted by painters
for sale in shops named
“Cattails and Dragonflies.

One of life’s
enticing combos,
inspiring poets
and mythmakers
over the relationship
existing by the water
as if it were
an unbreakable bond.

What then of
the dragonfly that
rests its two pair
on a fence
of twisted pair
that separates
the desert from
desert wetlands.

Was this a case
of mistaken identity?
Not likely, with eyes
of a hundred lenses,
so was it a
“one-night stand”
brief act infidelity,
or a “middle-age crisis?

  — kenne


7 responses to “The Dragonfly And The Fence — A Twisted Pair

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  1. What a spectacular image!


  2. I think that sometimes dragonflies just like to pose. I have a photo of one that rested on my left arm one day. It was like getting a message from the Universe. Great image!


    • Sometimes. Early after becoming a dragonfly, they keep darting all over the place making it very difficult to photograph. It’s like everything, it’s all about timing. Thanks for the comment.


  3. This photo is one of the most spectacular photos I have ever seen.!! The dragonfly, the metal link – how unique.! How colorful.!


  4. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Looking back five years. — kenne


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