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Toulouse & Royale   1 comment

Toulouse & Royale-72

Toulouse & Royale-2-72New Orleans Street Band at Toulouse & Royale (03/10/04) — Photos by kenne

Springtime in the

French Quarter

Royale lined with

shops and galleries

closed to vehicles,

opened to walkers

bring on the music.

— kenne

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New Orleans Bourbon Street--4 Art blog framedNew Orleans Street Band (December 29, 1999) — Images by kenne

Shading dark eyes, grinds out the melody,
Pulverized music! — In his garb and air
I read of sunnier lands beyond the sea,
And, dreaming, wander to a fairer clime,
Recalled, too suddenly, by — ‘If you please, a dime!

— from Street Music by Elizabeth Akers Allen

New Orleans Bourbon Street--5 art blog

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