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Desert Blooms In The Summertime   4 comments

Cactus Blossoms in Tanuri Ridge — Images by kenne
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These beautiful cactus flowers will grace us for about 24 hours adding to the dynamic summertime experience in the desert. 


” . . . the desert is a vast world,
an oceanic world,
as deep in its way
and complex
and various
as the sea.”

— Edward Abbey

Capturing The Moment — Yellow Cactus Flower   2 comments

Test“Yellow Cactus Flower” — Image by kenne

Flowers are not meant
to last forever,
so we cherish
the moments.

Most cactus flowers
last only a day
leaving behind
beautiful memories

for those fortunate
to gaze  upon them
in the early
morning sun

while others
share the moment
what they see.

3c470c52879d8feb0bf041741dbd13d6Georgia O’Keeffe, Yellow Cactus Flower, 1929


Arizona’s State Flower Is In Bloom   7 comments

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, Mission

Green Mountain, Saguaro, MissionSaguaro Blossoms — Images by kenne

I’m told that Arizona’s state flower, the saguaro blossom, has a strong overripe melons smell, but I’m not going to get close enough to check it out — will leave that to the experts. Like a lot of cactus flowers, they are short-lived, blooming at night and often closed within 24 hours. During the night the flowers are pollinated by the lesser long-nosed bat and the Mexican long-tongued bat. During the daytime the flowers are pollinated by bees and birds such as the white-winged dove.


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