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Saguaro Cactus Blossoms   1 comment

Green Mountain, Saguaro, MissionSaguaro Cactus Blossoms — Image by kenne

Arizona’s state flower, the saguaro blossom, has a strong overripe melons smell, but I’m not going to get close enough to check it out — will leave that to the experts. Like a lot of cactus flowers, they are short-lived, blooming at night and often closed within 24 hours. During the night the flowers are pollinated by the lesser long-nosed bat and the Mexican long-tongued bat. During the daytime the flowers are pollinated by bees and birds such as the white-winged dove.

— kenne

April In Tucson — Photo-Artistry   1 comment

Mockingbird on Saguaro-art-2-72April In Tucson (Mockingbird on Saguaro Blossom) — Photo-Artistry by kenne

No longer waiting
Sun crest above the mountains
Birds welcome new day.

— kenne

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Sabino Canyon WalkSaguaro Blossoms — Image by kenne

Saguaro blossoms
The signature desert plant
Sonoran symbol.

— kenne

Saguaro In Bloom   3 comments

Green Mountain, Saguaro, MissionSaguaro In Bloom — Image by kenne

It’s that time of year
Saguaro buds are popping
A desert in bloom.

— kenne

Cactus Wren   Leave a comment

Cactus Wren (1 of 1)-3 blogCactus Wren on Saguaro Cactus Buds — Image by kenne




The Early Bird Doesn’t Get The Nectar   Leave a comment

White Winged Dove (1 of 1) blogWhite Winged Dove — Image by kenne

Resting on a saguaro cactus bud
the white winged dove
will return 
for the blossom nectar.

— kenne


Saguaro Blossoms   5 comments

Saguaro Blossoms In Sabino Canyon — Images by kenne

A very dry spring

Hasn’t slowed cactus blossoms —

Saguaros in March.

— kenne

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