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The Early Bird Gets The Nectar   Leave a comment

“The Early Bird Gets the Nectar” (White-winged Dove on Saguaro Cactus Buds) — Image by kenne

In April, the budding of saguaros is followed by the return of white-winged doves from Mexico who love the nectar in
the saguaro blossoms. This image captures a white-winged dove atop buds soon to blossom — another take on
“The early bird gets the worm.”

— kenne

Capturing The Moment — Southern Arizona Carpenter Bees   Leave a comment

Aspen Loop July 2013

Aspen Loop July 2013Carpenter Bees

Butterfly Trail July 2013Images Taken On Mt. Lemmon by kenne

Like honey bees, carpenter bees feed on pollen and nectar. They do not eat wood, but use exposed dead wood to tunnel into the wood creating galleries for their nests. These bees are not social like honey bees, living a solitary life in their galleries.


Mexican Fritillary on Mahogany Milkweed — Butterflies In Love   2 comments

Three Mexican Fritillary Butterflies On Mahogany Milkweed.
 Now There’s Four Sharing the Blossoms with Ants.
 Can You Count the Ants?
 These images were captured on Mt. Lemmon, Arizona.
These Mexican Fritillary butterflies and ants love the  Mahogany Milkweed nectar. — Images by kenne

Butterflies in love

Courting the mountain milkweed

Drinking loves nectar


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