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butterfly-1-of-1-2-art-ii-blogButterfly on Yellow Flower — Computer Art by kenne

No Names

I don’t know the flower or the butterfly’s name,
sometimes it’s not essential when the art
is created for posterity, not for a reference book.

On this late afternoon in early November,
as the slanting sun reflects off the patio
glass top table putting a stop to my work,

it was not that long ago that I would surrender
to the sun, retreating to the shade of the olive
tree before it became only a long shadow,

moving to the breeze, over the doves atop
the adobe wall as they gather the nerve
to fly down to the patio water fountain.

I thought of other autumn days whose shadows
are not limited to early morning and late afternoon,
deepening the blue of the north sky over the mountains.

Slowly the contrasting earth and sky colors
are giving way to dusk, an exalted dwindling light
going down, time rendered in magentas and mauves

as the bleeding canyon shadows now void of light
an illusion neither above nor below the canyon rifts —
night and day always together yet forever apart.

— kenne

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